How To Learn ANY Chess Opening – Polish Defense Example Study Session!

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  1. This is what I’ve been doing since i hung up the London last year. It’s such a fun way to learn new openings and create your own

  2. Scillian and polish can be used for black and white .And I think they are the best attacking openings for both black and white ❀

  3. "Funky stuff going on behind the scenes…" Sounds like a Super Mario Brothers concept… πŸ˜‰

  4. I've been very excited for this one! Thank you for making it

  5. My 10year old son loves your videos and has learnt a lot from you. He would like you to make a video on the 'Benko Gambit'.

  6. i never even payed attention to the fact lichess had more data even tho ive seen it a bunch of times in videos. ty for pointing that out.

  7. Yes! We have been waiting for polish!

  8. Very useful video. Thank you, Nelson!

  9. Lemme go and study πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ πŸ“– 😌

  10. Interesting video! Does learning all of the lines of the common openings to some depth involve almost as much memorization as is done in medical school?!

  11. Thanks Nelson, I knew about opening explorer, but not how to effectively use it

  12. Lichess is great. What I really recommend for learning openings are the interactive lessons in the "studies" section. I learn openings, gambits or traps best when I create my own interactive lessons (easy to do) following the tutorials of my favorite YouTube chess players.

  13. Super useful information, time to learn some openings

  14. This is great. I’ve been enjoying Lichess for the puzzles but have been intimidated and a bit overwhelmed by the Openings section. Thank you big big for making it more accessible.

  15. This is exactly the sauce I’ve been looking for. Nelson, you’re a G

  16. I really like this kind of videos so much
    I wish that you can do more

  17. The Polish Defense is a good opening to play if you are a Polak.

  18. u should have chosen some common opening oneπŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ not the one very big majority dont play

  19. That was an exciting video about this opening.
    Thanks for making such a great and fun video.😁😁

  20. wow… just watched the first three minutes and i know am gonna love it already. keep it up nelson

  21. This is incredible content. I have been wanting to play the Polish Defense since your Speed Run when you destroyed your opponents with it. Thank you so much for teaching me how to fish! 🐳

  22. Great video exactly what I needed. For something so complicated you really explained it well.

  23. Memorizing the line I want isn’t hard, it’s memorizing what to do in response to what others do…5 levels deep…how do you make that easier?

  24. All of your videos are informative but this is next level! Wow man keep up the good work!

  25. Yet another great tutorial. Explaining in simple language but deep chess thanks Nelson. Got me through another break at work.

  26. 10:12 – I won recently as Black with a similar position, though the game did not start with the Polish Defence.

  27. That was a great tutorial. Learnt a lot about how to study openings! Thanks!

  28. What if your opponent doesn’t move like the engine moves? Doesn’t that mess everything up?? Thanks!

  29. Watched this video and not even 10 minutes later had an opponent play d4! Definitely had the upper hand!

  30. How do you get to the right place in Lichess to practice openings?

  31. Nelson channel is lacking educational video pls work on it

  32. This is a fantastic video. Plenty of channels try selling you their own course. Nelson instead gives the knowledge to skip the course and learn anything on your own. What a great dude 😎.

  33. Nice explanation! So how should one actually go about remembering these lines?

  34. I've been looking forward to a video like this. Helpful! Thanks

  35. 0:00: πŸ“š The video teaches how to learn a new chess opening, focusing on the Polish defense against D4.
    4:02: πŸ“Š The video discusses the importance of surprise value in chess openings and how to use Stockfish for analysis.
    7:50: βš”οΈ The video discusses different responses to White's attack on a pawn and explores the win percentages of various moves.
    11:37: βš”οΈ The video discusses chess strategies and the importance of considering different moves.
    15:29: πŸ“š The video discusses different chess opening lines and focuses on the main line F5.
    19:26: βš”οΈ The video discusses a trap in a chess opening and emphasizes the importance of deleting unnecessary lines in the game notation.
    23:30: πŸ“– The video discusses a powerful move in a chess opening and the importance of opening preparation.
    27:00: πŸ” The video discusses analyzing chess moves and their success rates using stockfish.
    31:10: πŸ“ The video discusses creating a study and adding lines in a chess game.
    Summarized by TammyAII

  36. You can check the king and take the bishop from there when they take the knight it's not free. Before that the knight can just block the check and defend but when it takes the knight it's to far away for the knight to defend and block the check and solid trap to get the rook next .

  37. I did something very similar but I used a tighter range of ratings closer to my own because I thought it would better approximate what I should expect to see by my opponents. @Chess Vibes- any thoughts on this as a viable strategy ?

  38. Another interesting chess video that completely baffled the hell out of me! I couldn't follow how you were using Lichess. Never mind!

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