How to memorize chess openings

If you want to know how to memorize chess openings, it’s good to know a little bit of the history of how the great chess masters have done it in the past.

I don’t know if there is a better chess strategy for beginners, but if mnemonics and the Memory Palace aren’t at the top of your list, I think you’ll love this video.

The coolest thing about memorizing multiple chess moves and even entire boards is that it help you study chess openings from within your mind. This will help you improve your game incredibly quickly.

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  1. Way too difficult. Your need a system to remember the systems.

  2. I used to learn openings by moving the pieces on a board to the end of the main line. Then, i would do it again but a move or two or three less where alternatives to the main line exist. Then, I would go through each of those. After this, I would repeat the process one more time. It is important to know tactically and positionally why each move is played. This recursive technique worked quite well for me. Usually, during tournaments, my opponent wasn't as prepared as I was and would deviate in the opening by move 10. Then the fun began as I looked for a way to refute my opponent's deviation.

  3. Here is a better way to memorize openings: understand the moves. If you understand the moves, it is easy to remember them. They make sense.

  4. do u always use the same Pictures over and over again(Like PAO for cards)? or do u create new pictures everytime when u memorize new move orders?

  5. This will definitely help me! I am a chess candidate master, trying to get to fide master level.

  6. I have not yet memorized openings but used another method which has boosted my playing strength online from 1700 — 2100 in bullet chess (with a one off best of 2300 ). Even my blitz has improved going from about 1600 – 2050 .

  7. I would like to ask you about the MEMORY PALACE. LETS SAY IF I WANT TO USE A SHOPPING MALL AS A MEMORY PALACE, How do I use it to memorize information? Its kinda confusing using a shopping mall than houses.

  8. I play chess but I need to work on it. Btw, if you hadn't mentioned online chess, I would have asked how one could play over the board during the pandemic. Love This, thanks Anthony.

  9. How many languages do u speak currently? And do have any plans to learn any new ?

  10. Wow. I just started to play chess mentally and this video is really helpful. Thanks, Anthony.

  11. Very interesting video. My first thought about applying mnemonics to chess would be to make a memory palace with the names of the strategies and a brief summary of the idea rather than move-by-move. If that proved insufficient then I would build out the palace as necessary.

    In previous projects I've made the mistake of making palaces that were too literal and big and complicated. Now I prefer 20%, 50%, or 80% mnemonic solutions and rely on natural memory for the rest. If natural memory is lacking then I am probably just not familiar enough with the topic.

    BTW you're one of my favourite podcasters. Thanks!

  12. Hi sir, I'm from india, I'm watching ur videos regularly, videos amazing, i have been preparing for upsc , give me suggestions sir

  13. I recommend notating lots of games to get good at notation. (obvious but true) It gives you a different perspective on the game.

  14. I’ve always wanted to learn chess and hadn’t put the idea of MMM together with chess. I love this! Thank you!

  15. Oh my gosh, we chatted about chess, and a few months later you publish something about it. Thank you so much 😊

  16. anthony can i memorize all my text books .i am not saying word to word ,i am talking about the concepts using memory palace ?

  17. Hey, could you please make more videos about chess and memory techniques? The recent boom in chess content is bound to bring many curious folks like me to your channel. This video was very informative, looking forward to seeing more of these based on the same theme. Thank you!

  18. Anthony, I just want to thank you for all your videos. I had one of Harry Lorraine’s books years ago and just gave up because it seemed like too much work. I realize now, that once you build that foundation, which indeed takes a lot of effort, but once you have that, you can build on top of it more easily. Your story and your videos have encouraged me to give it another try. I just wanted to say, “thank you”

  19. I have a plan for memorizing chess openings using memory palace based on another chess players forum post who said he memorized all his openings this way and I am interested in your thoughts.

    The variations will be memorized using the table tab of chessbase which treats each separate variation like a completely separate game. Each variation / full game is associated with a different person.

    The starting / destination square is object / action and 2 pairs of object/action are performed at each loci. I was thinking potentially creating an angel/devil version of each person to create a mini scene at each loci with the angel version of the person performing an object/action for white move and a devil version of the person object/action for black move.

    I will have 64 objects and 64 actions with 4032 possible object-action combinations representing starting to ending square.

    The scalability of this system would rely on memorizing hundreds to a couple thousand individual peoples journey through the same 100 loci memory palace representing up to 100 move games. Each persons journey is one chess game and I will try to make related people follow journey in related variations. I would need to memorize ~2000 separate games to totally complete the project.

  20. My memory is so bad I'll will have forgot I watched this video by tomorrow

  21. Haptic memory: the form of sensory memory specific to touch stimuli. If you watch chess experts learning an opening they recommend playing the moves out on a board over and over again a few times to reinforce the patterns. Often this enough to become familiar with the opening and it becomes embedded in the mind as you play these moves more often.

  22. But it makes dizziness to me while memorizing chess do you have any solution

  23. Atomic Kittens Natascha had mentioned easiest job i ever did. On the dvd a year with the kittens.
    Now that was easiest. For reference purpose. You just explaineded "hardest" Heck , you even said why not memorize a whole gam (for leisure, i presume?). Or to put in other words: this isn t helping.
    Look up help in dictionae ry, if the concept s alien to ya.

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