How to Play Against the Bishop’s Opening as Black [TRAPS Included]

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The Bishop’s Opening, which starts with the opening moves 1.e4 e5 2.Bc4, is a very powerful opening for White that comes with a lot of tricks and traps. One careless move by Black can be very costly.

That’s why in this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you how to play against the Bishop’s Opening as Black. Most importantly, you will also learn how NOT to play against it, what are the common traps and pitfalls that you should avoid, and how to restrict White’s attacking plans.

► Chapters

00:00 Bishop’s Opening for Black
00:29 1: Do NOT play symmetric 2…Bc5
01:33 2: Do NOT play 2…Nf6
02:29 Correct response – 2…Nc6
04:12 White’s kingside attack with f4
06:02 How to deal with White’s attacks?
08:48 White’s correct response after Bb4
09:58 Do NOT make this mistake
11:17 Puzzle of the day: can you solve it?

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  1. Puzzle solution:

    -.- Rh4 (sacking it…only legal move for white is BxR)
    BxR g4# (White's bishop now sits on h4, so king's blocked from retreating there. Knight on h5 covers the g3 square and knight on e5 protects the pawn)

  2. Love your "lounge kitty" sitting in the background. 😻

  3. Did you just read my mind? I got recently destroyed by this opening, +2 in 5 moves. Thanks!

  4. Love your vids Igor, I start my day with a morning coffee and a chess lesson. How are things going for you in Ukraine with all the fighting? Are you safe?

  5. This is slowly becoming the best chess channel out there

  6. Cute video. I have posted some new contents if you have little time 🙂

  7. According to statistics, there is a line where white trumps move Bb4 with Bg5 and after pawn attacks on h6 game continues with 6.Bxf6 Bxc3+ 7.bxc3 Qxf6 8.Ne2 d6 9.O-O g5, and then the move 10.d4 has very good results for white.
    Your video doesnt even mention Bg5 move.

  8. Igor, how does White reply to 2… Qg4. I played 3. g3 and ended up losing as White.

  9. Do you have anything on the tactical Sicilian?

  10. Puzzle: Rh4+ forcing Bxh4 and then g4 is CHECKMATE!

  11. As a white bishop's opening player I play 8.a3 at 10:29. I hope for 8…Ba5?? which is an innocent looking move but also a tactical blunder. White wins a piece by playing 9.Nxd5 Bxd5 10.Bxd5 Qxd5 11.b4 Bb6 12.c4 Q moves 13.c5, trapping the bishop.

    But 8…Bxc3 is safe and even 8…Be7 should be fine.

  12. black should play Rh4 check, white has the only move Bxh4, and then black play g4 mate

  13. One of the best overall chess channels. Thank you.

  14. More than half the video is dedicated to what not to do… Just get to the point

  15. Thanks for the video Igor ~ I love how your cat sits there on the mantle place.

  16. Puzzle:
    It’s a pawn check mate.

    Rh4!+ Bxh4

  17. I love the bishop opening but what defense can i use for the bishop opening

  18. Instead of telling us that Nf6 is ‘wrong’, why not tell us the good moves to refute what white wants to do :-/

    Anyway, love the content especially when it’s on the side of the gambit, but it comes to refuting stuff, can be misleading

  19. 9:52 why on earth would White Castle instead of just taking the knight on d5

  20. what to do when blacks bishop on b4 is being attacked by whites pawn at a3 instead of whites bishop on d2

  21. Knight h5 to f4, King h3 to g3 is only available square. Then, f4 to e2 check. King back to h3. Finally, Rook e4 to h4 checkmate.

  22. I just got smoked by the bishops opening, watched this video, then my next game was vs bishops opening, and I destroyed him. I've subscribed. Thank you!

  23. Thanks for this very informative and concise video!

  24. Congratulations to Ukraine team for their winning at Olympiad chess even though they're in stressful war situation.

  25. Someone please explain, why does white have an advantage at 5:15? Black is one move ahead in threatening the rook/queen with his knight.

  26. With Bishop on B4, why can't you counter with pawn on A5?

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