How To Play The Queen’s Gambit

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  1. I am at 312, I went on a 15 game streak of winning every game and then the next day I got on and went back to making the same mistakes that I had been making previously. What can I do to be able to limit my mistakes in game? (I've been playing for about a month)

  2. Fun fact the video is about a 10 minute game but the video is about 14 min long

  3. It's funny how they named a chess opening after a movie.

  4. Ahhh i used to be able to be able to get a 60% winrate with it by just knowing a little bit, now that i got to 1000 i currently have a 35% winrate with white and 70% winrate on black for the past week because that was all i focused on haha. time to actually learn it i guess

  5. I’ve played chess my whole randomly and just for fun off and on. Now, I’d like to spend more time with it to improve. Where should I start? A book. Just your awesome videos ? What would you recommend?

  6. What if black protects its b pawn with the white squared bishop in the Queens Gambit Accepted?

  7. I actually invented a new opening called the “accelerated queens gambit” which is were you unintentionally gambit your queen and scream “fuck” at the top of your lungs

  8. I "learned" or at least familiarized myself with alot of ideas in this short video. great job I think Ill look up chigoran defence, that looked interesting.

  9. levy is really good. he knows how to play every good opening really well

  10. If Qxd5 then Nf3, e4 just loses the pawn because it's attacked twice but defended once.

  11. I didn’t know what the queens gambit was but I had a vague idea that it was at the start of a game and involved sacrificing a pawn

    This is why I wrongly assumed it was when you move a pawn to d4, and then black takes your pawn and you take it with your queen.

    Thanks for the video.

  12. my brain just melted I see this and I say oh cool queen's gambit but then i play the botez gambit

  13. When you're trying to follow Queen's gambit video step by step and your opponent opens with e5 instead. 😅

  14. Dude I did the queen's gambit declined and won in 9 moves

  15. The problem with chess is not in your mind but how strong your oppenents is

  16. I'm only here because of that netflix show but lowkey interesting

  17. Great video, have successfully used multiple strategies from here!

  18. Thanks so much for the Queen's Gambit coverage!

  19. this helped a lot improved my rating pretty ez in some game i do 0 mistakes and a beginner btw and chess is fun actually😂

  20. I remember one of my opponents doing the Queen's gambit after I saw this video and I just decided to decline it, and after I did that,well, they just let their time run out, and I just stood the confused "why aren't they moving? " turns out they didn't know what to do if the gambit gets declined XD

  21. สายทอง บุญประคม says:

    More kitchen nightmare reviews! This was gold

  22. We need more of this Pewds. We need more nightmares. Urgently.305

  23. I still have no idea how to play the Queens gambit. I think I'll just stick to not playing chess.

  24. Great video! Got into chess and am still a beginner and I think it is best to start mastering 1 opening. Thanks a lot!

  25. At 7:59 after Rc1 then Nc2+ loses either Queen , Rook or castling rights.

  26. could you make this into a 30 second version for this ?

  27. Since I'm a 600 i only need to learn the accepted variation since my opponents are so clueless

  28. I always loose my queen fast after queen's gambit so I call this move queen's blunder.

  29. I remember everyone requested this because of the show it’s so popular now everybody knows how to play against it it became hard to beat players so I stop playing it

  30. Welcome new chess fans! Anyone here after watching the Netflix miniseries?

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