How To PUNISH Ruy Lopez Opening

Struggling to defend against the Ruy Lopez opening in your chess games? In this video, we’ll guide you through foolproof strategies to PUNISH the Ruy Lopez and turn the tables on your opponent. Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate player, our step-by-step analysis will arm you with effective counterplays that can turn this popular opening into a weapon in your arsenal.

The Ruy Lopez is one of the oldest and most classical chess openings, frequently used by grandmasters and casual players alike. But did you know that it has specific vulnerabilities that can be exploited? We’ll break down critical positions, tactical motifs, and optimal lines that can help you dismantle the Ruy Lopez structure. From the Berlin Defense to the Cozio variation, we delve into the nitty-gritty details that can give you the upper hand.

Why keep falling into the same traps when you can PUNISH the Ruy Lopez and claim victory? We’ll go beyond generic advice and offer precise move sequences, so you’ll know exactly what to do at every stage of the game. This video also includes commentary from chess experts who have successfully challenged the Ruy Lopez in major tournaments.

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0:00 Intro, Basic principles and Ideas
2:53 Line 1 (5. d4)
5:31 Line 2 (5. c3)
11:15 Line 3 (5. 0-0)
21:59 Outro

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  1. Chess is a dead god Caissa ⚘ 🌚 👍 Rest in the good news ⚘ Okay bye

  2. am now ready to face any Ruy Lopez players!

  3. 0:51 Who would capture that pawn? Besides, that pawn is weak now and you’d have to destroy your king side pawns to protect it. Which nobody would do.

  4. Punish? I see no punishment. There is a reason every world champion plays the Spanish.

  5. Your presentation is as if I am playing a winning game by analyzing the pros and cons of each move in my mind wherein you are sitting and instructing me as a divine soulmate. Very eager to watch your other/further presentations.

  6. 16:03 – Why not to capture bishop on g4? After black capture with a pawn on g4 and open the line for the rook – there is a move of white bishop to g5. And it looks like a problem. I don't see any way to check mate or somehow save the game.

  7. At line 1 the black can save his bishop by queenc4

  8. Dont say "dont worry", all the time. It's not adecwat.

  9. If I do Ruy Lopez opening I don’t retreat to A4,I will move to the Italian to C4. The theory behind this your controlling the middle while you just chased the bishop for no reason. I now have 3 pieces attacking the middle to your two and by the time you get 3 pieces I can have four pieces

  10. 1.e4 – e5
    2.Nf3 – Nc6
    3.Bb5 – a6
    4.Ba4 – d6
    5.d4 – b5
    6.Bb3 – Nxd4
    7.Nxd4 – exd4
    8.what if white plays? 8.Bd5

  11. you're the best sensei in chess ,ty so muchhh <3

  12. Awesome video!!!!! Kings Indian next please!!!!

  13. Very good and informative video. Thanks

  14. Spanish opening is my opening. Question to chess sensei or anyone. Does the above defense work as well if you forceend game with queen exchange??? Anyone?

  15. As someone who favors playing the Spanish opening, this is very useful for learning what to watch out for.

  16. Theres nothing good about your explaining of rudamentory chess starts, blacks in a worse position as is, you'll likely try defend your point (in what ever way) or someone will bury this. Blacks pawn structure is at a disadvantage compared to whites, the only apparent small positive white has in this position is that the Bishops are open to move with ease nothing more

  17. 2:30 it's not a bad move
    Infact bobby Fischer played it quite a bit

  18. Impressive, i know a good trap against italian open, but opponents played the spanish open, now, i know how play. Thx

  19. What to do after

    1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 a6 4. Ba4 d6 5. Bxc6+ bxc6 6. d4

  20. Excellent tutorial regarding this opening so widely feared by black.

  21. as many times as I have viewed this video, I am amazed how deep the knowledge goes. Well done and thank you.

  22. This is brilliant! So succinct and informative! Keep doing more! What is your FIDE Elo, by the way? Are you a national master?

  23. You sir, are over the top. Great job. May Jesus bless you and your entire family. WOW. Fantastic

  24. You have really done a great job with this video, thanks a lot

  25. I Hope You’re still Doing good. Also your voice for these videos and how they’re formatted is amazing 😻

  26. This is the best tutorial on the Spanish opening I've ever seen, absolutely fantastic, congrats, mate!
    My first thought was that it must be a click bait title, but it fully delivered what it promised!

  27. I can answer the 3 questions…:
    1. I don't have an over the board rating (but I've managed to overcome 2000 in online rapid games).
    2. I've done 3 remote tutoring sessions till now (1 of them has to do with chess).
    3. I've made some YouTube videos in 2022.

  28. This is absolutely fantastic!
    I cannot express what an articulate and comprehensive instructor you are!
    I’m going to watch this at least ten times. It is SO good.
    In your thorough explanation you do not waste a single word; it is perfection.
    I commend you, and thank you!
    Nobody teaches this well!

  29. bro just called one of the most played openings a mistake💀

  30. Thx i hate playing against ruy lopez u really helped me

  31. If white chooses not to castle in that move it takes advantage!

  32. This video is perfect, thank you so much! And your voice is beautiful, it makes me feel safe. 🤍

  33. I've been enjoying your opening theory videos! This was a take on the Ruy Lopez I had not seen before. I'd like to see a video on the Pirc if you feel inspired to make one.

  34. Solid Ruy Lopez players dont make the positional errors you capitalized on as black.
    If any "noob" thinks now the can take on any Ruy player above 1800 and win…AINT GONNA HAPPEN!!

  35. You know what … you can become a very good Options Trader in the Stock Markets, as option trading strategies and fire fighting adjustments is very much like playing chess. 👍

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