How to PUNISH These Beginner Chess Openings | Speedrun Episode 6

In this Beginner to Master Speedrun Series, I try to climb the rating ladder while providing lots lessons about chess along the way. In this episode, I play 3 instructive games, all of which feature me trying to punish openings in which my opponents bring out their queen early.
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  1. i cant go half a game watching him chill . without starting a game myself… I get beat, i come back lol

  2. This helped me to realize to not check at The end game without blocking the kings path

  3. First video of yours I've seen, and you abruptly became probably my favorite chess content creator. The way you outline your thought process is awesome, and I also really like how understanding you are of your opponents. Very good sportsmanship exemplified.

  4. This is surprisingly funny and educational, so different from other chess tutorials!

  5. I have never really played chess so far, but these videos are so enjoyable and educational… simply great! Big thumbs up 👍👍

  6. I feel like I've been stuck at 550-600 for so long 🙃

  7. 22:36 wow, it would suck losing 49 ELO just because you faced a much higher level opponent who had just started a new smurf account.

  8. Love this speedrun. I learned great patterns, defense, ideas, chess tactics, strategy! I mean just Wow! Thanks so much Eric. Please do more of these! I feel I improved ELO points just watching this. You are an amazing teacher.

  9. I love that the lesson is slow so that i can understand the process behind every move

  10. For the second game, I think queen d4 would have helped a quicker checkmate

  11. Good game, Before castling I wonder if you went Queen to D4 and then castle how that would have played out.

  12. When I was in 2nd grade playing in OTB tournaments all I ever did was open with scholars mate as white 😂 I won a lot of games and even a West Virginia state primary school division championship tournament by doing that lol. Like half the time it worked, and if it didn't I'd just move my queen back and play normally. Obviously it was very bad though. I didn't really have a chess teacher that taught me a proper opening. This is a great series btw, really enjoying it.

  13. 8:45 "it is a kind of complex positon here" lmao that was a funny joke

  14. Very interesting. Helpful. I appreciate hearing your thoughts along the way.

  15. At 30:39 what would happen if you moved your knight into e6? I know its not the best over but for a beginner would it help get the job done?

  16. Hi, great video, thanks for the teachings. Is it a free app or page to play ?

  17. i think you have F5 on the second game when hes attacking your bishop on e4

  18. You have the most calming voice.

    You also have a new subscriber if ya want me. 😉

  19. you play with such a calm…I love that!!!

  20. the 697 guy would have crushed me for sure.

  21. Qh5 is too common. Qd6 is my go to defense. Likely a blunder, but I have so much trouble playing aggressively and getting my queen out there that when threatened with Qh5 I suddenly get all, "You want a piece of me, bro?" 😂

  22. Another interesting series of games

  23. Damn really nice. Im struggling with these queen openings while im pretty ok with middle game tactics my opening suck. I find these videos real good.

  24. 9:39 seriously had me about to start crying.. if you ever end up getting therapy we all know where it began..

  25. I don't understand your last strategic tip. Why would white take the pawn while the queen is attacked by the horse..

  26. Is there a reason you're not playing the Caro-Kahn opening with Black? Should beginers steer clear of the Caro-Kahn ?

  27. For those that don't know at around the 9:00 mark, what White is trying to pull is the infamous "Scholar's Mate" – I believe the second fastest legal mate in the game (first being the "Fool's Mate").
    I like to think it's called that because once you understand the position – like a scholar – black can very easily turn it into a favorable position.

  28. Thanks, Eric. Very informative. I am a recreational player and do not want to go into heavy theory but just mimicking a few of your early moves, especially since you played as black, will definitely help me in learning some basic lessons in structure, formation and eventual attack. And the , "Oh no, my bishop!" decoy is spectacular 🙂

  29. "This is a complex position for white, there are a lot of legal moves" 🤣

  30. Great video, I learned alot and your easy ro follow

  31. Please don't take this the wrong way, but I really appreciate how slowly you explain the moves with the notation. Most of the time, you chess wizards will give a deluge of multiple lines before taking a breath. And I get it, those things are natural to you, but it's still nice to slow it down for us amateurs lol

  32. How do you refund someone's points??? I need to tell my opponents.

  33. Do you ever get mad at your opponent (or did you)? How do you not think that someone has cheated and instead realize that well “I just suck” Lol

  34. I love how he explains so calmly

  35. First video I watched from your channel and this is really helpful. I don't watch a lot of chess content, cause I like learning it myself. But seeing this, how calmly you explain basic principles is nice! Just dropped in to say that!

  36. And your voice is insanely similar to a guy from the channel called trey the explainer. It's crazy how similar it is

  37. Why wouldn’t the queen just take that pawn on the opening 5th move???!? Hmmm!

  38. I would have played the queen to H4( at 22.58) but I am also a beginner…

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