I Discovered an Unrated Chess Genius in a Small Bar

I went to a small chess bar in Amsterdam (Café de Laurierboom) and found an unrated chess player that was EXTREMELY strong. Let me know in the comments what you think his rating should be!

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(Affiliate link, purchases made through this link may generate revenue for Anna)

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  1. anna is really the hottest chess player. damn she so hot.

  2. The Potential of finding a great Chess player out there is enormous, met one at a MIGRANT and Refugee festival today…Jimmy is coming to the Club on Wednesday…lets see how he goes.

  3. He was putting in moves, but they weren't chess. 😂

  4. He says he wants to straighten the pieces and then makes them all wonky! Weird mind games …

  5. Nomadic Pilgrim: Journeys Unscripted says:

    Her laughter is infectious and mesmerizing. Are there really women out there so happy!

  6. Jag vet att man talar för mycket i Sverige men härregud! Man ska inte tala när man spelar chess!

  7. Anna, if you are in the Netherlands, and you have a wobbly table like that, you need to put a bierviltje under one of the legs of the table. Immediately. It is the law, trust me!

  8. by the time he finished the phrase 'i'm Russian' i already took a taxi home, locked the doors and text him, dude i resign

  9. He was definitely downplaying his ability, hoping maybe to hustle Anna. Fortunately, she won. A beginner wouldn't know he had lost in the last position.

  10. ❤❤❤❤Anna… love your hustled. Lotsa love 😘😘😘

  11. “2200”…..come on Anna 🙂 he was 1600-1800 but clearly not a beginner ☺️

  12. In the soviet era, only very strong players (close to GM level) were allowed to play in FIDE tournaments, if he played as a kid in those times, it is plausible, he doesn't have a rating. It's hard to tell how old he is.

  13. Anna clocked him when he said he was from Amsterdam, yet new to the city and not even Dutch!

  14. He's so pretentious, a real bullshit artist.

  15. Does she always talk so nicely before decimitating her oponents? Lol. Be careful my dude….lol.

  16. I Like Anna and her videos, but for playing with (and thus, supporting) the russians I gave a dislike to this video. Supporting russians means supporting world terrorism, and it’s not a good thing to do.

  17. Sort of unrelated, but I'm always impressed with swedish peoples accents, especially if they're younger. There have been so many times where I've assumed they're american, canadian, or british and been surprised when they say they're swedish lol

  18. I could't play her without making a fool out of myself, on all levels, this guy is a total king 👑 and all I couldn't be.

  19. Anna is soo into this beginner 😅

  20. From the start this guy is totally bad at covering the fact that he's a Russian chess player with real knowledge. And he doesn't seem to look directly at her, it's like he's reading a script that's behind her. BUT he knows "Queen's Gambit"!?

  21. @anna You are low rated chess player who don't know to play chess. Most female chess players are below 2500 rating. And an average guy playing chess 2400 rating. Guy is playing white add 50 rating points and definitely above your skillset

  22. This felt like I was watching two people on a date 😅

  23. Next time you are in Amsterdam, check out Max Euweplein near the Hard Rock Cafe.

    There is a giant outside chess set and chess museum here 🙌

  24. That was interesting. He is not a beginner. Not as good as Anna though. He definately expected to win and was not happy.

  25. Dude has perhaps the best poker face in history.

  26. People like this guy give me the creeps. I don't know why they hide their true strength, in the game it's obvious that they understand the business. Maybe they are fundamentally unconfident or they don't want to lose to a "pretty young blonde". I don't know, it's just unsportsmanlike.

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