I Invented a BRAND NEW Chess Opening: The Cow Opening!!!

I present to you, The COW Opening! This has never been played before, and I’ve actually had a pretty good win-rate with this opening. Let me know in the comments down below what you think of it, and if you try any games with it!

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00:00 Intro
00:23 First Game (white pieces)
15:45 Second Game (black pieces)

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  1. I made my own version of it where you fianchetto everything and the variation has a bot variation suprisingly

  2. Your enthusiasm is so infectious!!😁my guess is the cow will produce very well for you😂

  3. Cap. I've been using this opening since a long time ago before you were even born. I don't stream to popularize it so I'm glad it's getting the recognition it deserves.

  4. Hi Anna
    May I suggest The Bradford Bulls variation named after one of the greatest English Rugby League Super League teams.
    When English Rugby League switched from a winter sport to a summer sport and rebranded, Bradford Northern changed their name to Bradford Bulls. They were one of the most prepared clubs to adopt to the changes within the game and in the early days of the change, won everything possible multiple times over

  5. Gosh no disrespect but you talk so much!

  6. I was just watching you’re vids with my brother and I subscribed

  7. I just played my first game with the Cow opening and I won against an Indian player.

  8. Since it works with both black and white, I think one of the variations should be called "The Holstein." Subsequent variations could be called "The Guernsey," "The Jersey," The Angus," or even "The Wagyu." Anna, if you need inspiration, there is a fall festival in Wisconsin (every even years) where a crowned dairy princess milks a cow in her sash and tiara. This place is famous for its Holstein cows and the cheese festival is one of the largest of its kind. I think it would be the perfect place to promote your new opening once you've perfected it!

  9. Yes, using "THE COW" opening, it seems to confuse the 900 and 1100 computer bots, so I'm winning against them now. Thank you Anna, you are helping me learn Chess and I'm starting to consistently win (well, against bots anyhow, LOL).

  10. en riktigt originell och funktionell öppning som jag definitivt kommer att använda i framtiden

  11. Just gained about 50 elo with this opening. Opponents are so confused!

  12. Gotham posted a video of tyler1 who only play cow opening and reached 1200 in 2 months.

  13. There doesn't seem to be too much difference between one variation and an udder 🙂

  14. Tyler1 just plays the cow and mad his own variation

  15. it's actually called the defence game and it was invented over 2 decades ago. i can link you proof if you want the pdf?

  16. This is my opening sinc 2016,from morocco

  17. Well, im not Anna, I got into +7 and then manged to loose. Yes, I'm a 700 (no shame)

  18. Tyler1 must have watched this video! 😀 lol

  19. but the knight in f3, f6, c3 or c6 covers 8 squares in one move and in g3, g6, b3 or b6 covers 6 squares in two moves, and in f3, f6, c3 or c6 in the first move doesn't block the bishop? have you tested it against 1…f4 or 1… c5 inestead 1…e5 or 1… d5? I think I would play 1… c5 and 2… d5 or 1… f5 and 2… e5 with black (the bullfighters put on the cape so that your cow horns hit on f4 or c4)

  20. Where are you from Anna..? You are Very beautiful ❤️❤️ and I love your personality

  21. I love the cow opening! Took me 3 weeks to get to level 300 and now with this opening, I went from 306 to 405 in less than 2 hours. Thx so much …

  22. I'm rated 410. Trying this out against 700 and 1k rated bots. How am I winning??

  23. U didn't make it😂😂😂😂 i did😂😂

  24. Actually watching the video in full mute is so much better

  25. Just wanna Say, at least in the lower rankings (I suck. I'm 250 moving up..) I've been dominating games the last few days and mooooooving up with the cow. I just played a variation I'm calling the quarter pounder (move pawn and knights in first 3 moooves) and ended up wrecking a dude. Worth noting, it's a great way to deal with scumbags who insist on pulling out their queen in the second or third move.

  26. Calling Cow to a chess opening is a nice gesture and an homage for our animals. Let's not forget that approximately 1 MILLION of cows are murdered every day without any of us seeing it.

  27. I just lost to this nonsense 3 times in a row in bullet…

  28. I just started using this opening today. I'll let you know.

  29. came here to learn an wierd opening to surprise my opponents, ended up developing a crush on anna because of her story telling skills 🥲

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