I Mouse Slipped A New Opening

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  1. Bro should've ate the queen because it's discovered check and moves king and it's checkmate

  2. theres someone whohas a higher rating than nelson???

  3. Play against MARTIN but you have to take somthing each 5 moves

  4. I main Nf3-h3 as my main opening for white. I mouseslipped g3 but it was a pretty interesting game so I decided to keep trying it. I eventually came to make a lot of opening theory for it and it just became my signature.

  5. I play e4, Kf3, Bb5, Bxc6 all the time. My opponents always go "You know that's not the best move right?". Yeah I do, but I don't know 20 lines of theory. I just want to double your pawns and see how you deal with it.

  6. Sodium defense , it is then ! great work CircleO ! Who says you shouldn't fight salt with more salt. I could imagine a lot of bamboozled London players & those black bishops could get nasty later on. Also the c1- f4 Bishop is the London players pride and joy lol. Thanks Nelson !

  7. It'd be cool if you could offer a time extension if these types of matches cause sometimes they get good
    and I don't want them to end yet.

  8. London System player here. I would prefer to keep the blacksquared bishop instead of trading it with the knight at h6 and open the g file for attack. This idea is quite common in French defense with counterplay for black.

    London System means slow, boring, unspectacular chess. You kill your opponent by showing how much unoriginal you are. It is the psychological factor that makes this opening deadly.

  9. New idea, "the mouse slip challenge": On every 3rd or 4th move, you must either intentionally move the wrong piece close to or near the square they intended to move their preferred piece to, or move their intended piece to a nearby square instead of the desired square. To determine which type of mouse slip to perform, you can flip a coin with a 50/50 chance of guessing correctly. If you guess correctly, you can move your intended piece to the desired square. If you guess incorrectly, you must move a piece that is nearby the intended piece that can make a valid move on or near the desired square. The valid pieces are then spun on a wheel, and the selected piece is then moved.

  10. The sodium 3 defense cus sodium is Na so Na3 if the beginning move

  11. Me: Plays a losing position and mouseslips…"oh wait that forced mate in one oopsy"

  12. Thats how caro kann was found. Someone mouseslipped c5.

  13. What if he had forgotten to do game review

  14. I feel like opponent immediately taking the knight is a mistake, like, the knight is kinda dumb on that square to begin with and they can probably take it a couple move later when they've got more pressure lined up on the center, if you move your knight twice to get it out of that they probably get a massive lead in developpement no?

  15. At 6:20 the way you talked like that knight move was "tricky" made me wonder your elo. You sounded 400-600 to me. i then checked. you are 4-6x that

  16. “Queen’s Pawn Opening: Accelerated London System, Ammonia Gambit” 🤓

  17. 6:30 the best move is still knight F3 check because on the next move it will be discovered check allowing you to move your queen.

  18. How many times have I "Mouse slipped" and lost ! keep hand off mouse until ready..

  19. Not just here but any time my opponent forces me to open the file in front of my king after castling I move the king over and set up a rook battery on that file attacking their king. Most of the time I end up winning those games.

  20. 4:50 can't white play rook takes on g7 -> king takes -> queen g5 -> king needs to move -> queen e5 ?

  21. Tbh, I don't understand what your opponent was doing.

  22. at 6:11 surely the best move is move queen down to D6 and threaten the rook

  23. At 5:30 He should have went with Rd8, trade the rooks with the queen forcing to pin the bishop on f8. Then bring Rd1 and start building an attack.

  24. 500 rated player: Why fork pieces when you can just threaten checkmate?
    Stockfish: Why fork pieces when you can just threaten checkmate?

  25. What if the london bishop doesnt take your knight!?

  26. White would still have a chance of winning if he would have pushed the pawn that is in front of the rook one square.

  27. As someone who does shitty openings on purpose and does the sodium attack everytime, i like this video.

  28. this is why I don't play the sicilian

  29. "I'm going to pretend that was intentional." – My entire strategy

  30. i mouse slipped a pawn and it helped me destroyed my opponent once so i don’t always mind a slip!

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