I Tried The Worst Chess Openings


0:00 Intro
2:45 Game 1 – awful
8:58 Game 2 – GENIUS
17:40 Game 3 – horrible

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  1. So @GothamChess admits that the Cow opening is not one of the worst openings

  2. I'm disappointed he didn't play the bongcloud…

  3. Today's lesson… when you start caring about the endgame a lot (hence he just started selling his Endgame Masterclass) you stop caring about openings completely. lol. 😆🤣😂

  4. If Maksim Omarief won't respond to this video i would be disappointed.

  5. 1:40 People do this a lot in the 100-rated zone. The reason it’s successful is that the opponent also tries to do it.

  6. Your barber must not like you 😂💀
    Just kidding levy, keep it up 💪🏻

  7. At 20:52 in the final game. Doesn't Bxg3 just at the very least win the Queen? I'm only an a 900 +/- player, so I could be missing something huge.

  8. It seems to me levy is working on his hairline fairly well

  9. A argentinian player with a german football team as the pfp? HMMMMMMMMMMMM

  10. as a 1400 I actually play f3 Kf2 and f6 Kf7 occassionally on lichess

  11. i love F3 lol. And C3 btw. When I am black. But I am 600-700 😅 sort of newbie never read a book on chess… just like your content very much.

  12. Bro at 14:02 I saw Rh8!! , it prevents bishop f8 and king is mated in a few moves!

  13. At the beginning levi said he will sacrifice some elo for content but he actually managed to gain some.
    Even with these trash openings😮

  14. The fact that the first opponent knew the theory for the worst oponing like wat man

  15. bold (ha, get it) of you to assume our elo is 800

  16. Where’s the bong loud and Damiono Defense

  17. I like how the "worst" openings are only bad for the top 5% of chess players.

  18. Alt title; me s***ing on openings for half an hour.

  19. you should do a video with hikaru with the queens and kings set on the board the way a lot of people think the chessboard is set up with the white queen xraying through the black king and the black queen xraying through the white king. it would be cool to hear you guys talk about all the drastic changes to the opening this creates and maybe some advantages or disadvantages for the white or black pieces as well as some stupid attacks and threats. idk

  20. That sequence of checks followed by mate is NASTY💀

  21. the only hilarious thing in this vid is levys haircut

  22. These openings are even worse at lower levels, when you lack the ability to transform the positions into something decent like Levy did in those better games.

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