If EVERY Country Had A Chess Opening (ALBANIA)

This is NOT an educational chess video. In fact, your chess skill may drop after watching this. Go Albanian opening!


Now that we’re done with this YouTube SEO/keyword nonsense, let me give you a welcome hug to my channel 🙂 Let’s learn together how to play silly chess openings!


  1. Albanian opening op 💪 100% winrate as expected. (Although I do wanna point out that you refer to Albanians as Slavs a lot in the video, but we aren't Slavic, Albanians actually for their own branch in the Indo-European language tree, the only ones to be unique are Albania, Armenia and Greece).

  2. ik Albanian opening carried, but that first opponent shouldn’t be 1300 lmao

  3. No Albania is A L for knight cause knight moves like that a a b b or bishop n knight n Knight

  4. I know I'm still halfway through the vid but I can't help but comment on what I see. Playing d3 after having played b3, then trading off the dark square bishops leaves you with a lot of dark squared weaknesses. Plus awkward position of rook.
    I think it would've been better to play e3 to blunt their bishop then Ne2, Ng3, Be2 (last 2 moves conditional on what they do but most likely those moves)

  5. Nice vid! Next up ALGERIA, AGEA. My suggestion: a4, g3, e3/4 (depends on opponent moves), a5

  6. Don’t you just win at that position in the end anyway because after Qc8 check your opponent just dies?

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