imagine training your whole life to become a GM then you face Magnus with the weirdest opening

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Magnus Carlsen – GM Demidov Mikhail
Game Result 1 – 0
Blitz Game on lichess
The time control is 3 minutes for all moves, with no increment
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Video created by: Filmora10
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  1. this feels like watching a toddler play chess and ignoring all of book strategies and playing however he wants to play except that toddler is a 2800+ super gm world champion

  2. Is magnus the greatest chess player to ever/that will ever exist? I have no earthly idea, because I don't know chess. But he made chess fun to watch even for people that know nothing, and has a brilliant personality, and that alone qualifies him as the goat

  3. This reminds me of the king walks played on the internet against Nigel Short by someone claiming to be Bobby Fischer in 2001

  4. hes lasting that long against magnus so thats very impressive

  5. 1:04 why didn't white queen move forward to take the black pawn threatening the rook and king behind the line?

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  7. One way to win such games is to sack pieces. And you must have enough confidence on your calculations, that the sack will work.

  8. Now I get what starting with a king meant in Code Geass

  9. Bobby Fisher opening, not so original from Magnus

  10. 3:46 yea I agree with magnus.. his knees could be fine but am not sure about his palms

  11. This is completely effed. 😂 Can you imagine how your chess coach would yell at you for doing this?? I’m shook.

  12. 😂😂😂😂 the best thing about Gm level … is that they don't throw an attack in the opening

  13. Those guys in the background are really annoying and losers for insulting the opponent. Kind of shows their insecurity.

  14. The king giving his speech in the beginning was emotional .

  15. God Dammittt. Like playing shooting and the opponent doing strive

  16. If we put the whole chess players in proportion, Magnus Carlsen is the only GM in the world and the GMs are children learning Chess from the beginning

  17. The Optimus Prime opening, but its the newer movies so you hear jokes in the background alongside the motivational speech

  18. Is that even legal, last time no one did it, no is going to?

  19. Imagine a king who fights his own battles, wouldn't that be a sight?!

  20. that is bobby fischer opening magnus just copied it

  21. I studied this opening a little it was one of fishers games if i remember correctly, weird and strangely hard to crack open… Really amazing play by carlson.

  22. Oh hell naw not only using bongcloud but the whole storm💀

  23. The king really became like Erwin in season 3

  24. "oh my god! Im playing against magnus carelsen, one of the gratest chess players of all time!! I must give him my best and surely he will do the same, lets do this magnus!"
    magnus: kf2

  25. This opening was originally played by Bobby Fischer.

  26. I tried this kind of troll against Martin and amazingly pulled off a great coup

  27. Proper Traditional Norwegian Bongcloud Opening

  28. Bro really did the walls of Jericho opening

  29. Bro took manually castle to a whole another level

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