imagine training your whole life to become a GM then you face Magnus with the weirdest opening

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Magnus Carlsen – GM Demidov Mikhail
Game Result 1 – 0
Blitz Game on lichess
The time control is 3 minutes for all moves, with no increment
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Video created by: Filmora10
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  1. Am I stupid or was there a queen king fork that would have gotten him a rook for a knight at 4:06. (Edit) nvm he played it the next turn even though I don’t understand why he still got the rook at this point because there was no longer a fork

  2. Losing to Magnus: fuck my life

    Losing to Magnus, then reading this comment section: fucking end my life

  3. We need to make this opening officiaöly called "Magnus Gambit"

  4. 3:10 "Hopefully he might be getting little nervous, even if on the surface, he looks calm and ready"

    Ladies and gentlemen, the Eminem of chess

  5. I'm new to chess. Can someone please explain why he moved his King around like that in the opening? TIA

  6. 3:51 "But his niece, what do you think about his niece?" 👀 Magnus: "No his knees are fine" 😌

  7. I was screaming at my laptop when you took your time on that last move. That was checkmate… I would have had it ready to go.

  8. one the surface he looks, a little bit different

  9. Magnus doesn't care about openings at this point. He was playing the guy at midgame till endgame like it was nothing.

  10. novel opening, then its all stockfish 1s and 2s… weird coincidence

  11. 4:28 why didn't mikhail take with the rook? If magnus tries to take back with the queen he would leave the knight undefended right

  12. Anyone know why Magnus didn’t take the pawn on D3?

    Second question: when Magnus could’ve promoted and potentially taken a rook, why did he wait? Was there a checkmate there without his queen on that file?

    Also was queen h4 check, take rook, then promote a bad move?

  13. why does magnus always has his hair done when hes at home chilling but has the craziest messy hair when he’s competing at a professional stage LMAO

  14. 3:12 Magnus almost inadvertently quoted Eminem lmfao. CALM AND READY

  15. “Boy i wanna make u sweat “ sings the gay guy pahahahaha ,

  16. What is the point of exachanging the king and queen, i didn't get it

  17. Hes so good he has to overcomplicate things to make it interesting for himself lol

  18. What Lichess board theme is that? I don’t see it on my list

  19. 4:40
    Does anyone know what that move – where the pawn replaces the knight – is? I am confused…

  20. I personally play e3, d3, kd2, qe1, kd1 and then play on, what should I call it?

  21. 3:39

    A joke with "Lose yourself – Eminem" reference. 🤯

    His palms are sweaty, Knees Weak Arms are heavy.
    He's nervous but on the surface he looks calm and ready.

  22. The title is trying to hard to be funny and failing.

  23. It's magnus's famous bongcloud opening. Yes he's done it enough times to give it a name lol

  24. Gm missed a forking chance with the knight at 5:16 i am just a mediocre player and even i saw that

  25. If the king doesn’t lead how can he expect his subordinates to follow?

  26. Could you share the PGNs of the chess matches uploaded on your channel? Thanks!

  27. Brow if someone do this to me i would thing they inputing the game the stockfish or something, i will cry finding out it was a real person

  28. Can somebody explain why he did this opening?

  29. Trương Tiếp Trương - writer rapper wanderer teller says:

    Isn't this Fischer opening?

  30. 1. c3 b5 2. f3 Bb7 3. Kf2 Nf6 4. Ke3 e6 5. Kd3 c5 6. Kc2 d5 7. Qe1 Bd6 8. Kd1

    Qc7 9. d3 Bxh2 10. e4 Bg3 11. Qe3 d4 12. Qg5 Nbd7 13. f4 Bf2 14. Nh3 Be3 15.

    Bxe3 dxe3 16. Qg3 c4 17. Qxe3 cxd3 18. Nd2 Nc5 19. Nf2 Rd8 20. g4 b4 21. c4 e5

    22. f5 Rd4 23. Bg2 Na4 24. Rb1 Qd6 25. g5 Nd7 26. Ke1 Ndc5 27. Rh3 h6 28. f6 g6

    29. Rxh6 Rxh6 30. gxh6 Qxf6 31. Qh3 Ke7 32. Ng4 Qf4 33. h7 Rd8 34. Ne3 Bc8 35.

    h8=Q Bxh3 36. Qxh3 Kf8 37. Nd5 Rxd5 38. cxd5 Kg7 39. Rc1 a5 40. Rc4 Nb7 41. Rc8

    Qh6 42. Rg8+ Kxg8 43. Qxh6 Nxb2 44. Nf3 Nc4 45. Ng5 d2+ 46. Kd1 Nbd6 47. Bh3 a4

    48. Be6 fxe6 49. dxe6 b3 50. e7 Ne3+ 51. Kxd2 Ndc4+ 52. Ke2 b2 *

  31. It took me way longer than it should have to realize they were quoting Eminem.

  32. Bro defeated an gm like it was piece of cake

  33. It would be interesting for Magnus to play not using his name. Ao people don’t get nervous.

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