Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Gambit (real opening)

This is the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Gambit, a chess opening that anyone should try. It may work better for beginners, but it’s definitely good chess theory to know for everybody. It can be played in the Tennison Gambit. Subscribe for more chess videos.


  1. how do i win this i was never good at chess😅

  2. I played this gambit unsuccessfully but my opponent still blundering his queen on move 6 and immediately resigned

  3. bro idek how to play chess (yet) but this was funny n entertaining lmao good vid

  4. I used to play with a rule like this. If you captured both opponents rooks, you could drop one on the board from as high as you could reach. You can't hit the king, and the opponent gets their rook back. The rook kinda looks like a bomb when sideways.

  5. what really pisses me off about this is that the bots don't follow through, they just start moving some random pieces so I just become the definition of insanity

  6. Is it just me, or is there no way imaginable anyone would ACTUALLY play H6?

  7. Instructions unclear, a missile is now heading towards my opponents house

  8. nobody online playes this way. this is a scam.

  9. Used this and it worked so well elo 600-700 I'm trash

  10. HOLY FUCK, that's such a 4D yet bold attack move. I need to remember this


    Still, Intercontinental ballistic missile sounds awesome lol

  12. I came here due to Intercontinetial Louistic Missile, aka the Fire Emblem Engage Nyoom nyoom Strategy

  13. downloading a chess app just to try this

  14. Впу, будто ракету по украине запустил

  15. Someone tried this on me but he lost his queen after forgetting that I developed my b8 knight 💀

  16. Ok but what do I do from there? I’m really bad at chess

  17. “Take on F7, FORKING the queen and the rook.”

    Hey now I don’t think that’s allowed

  18. Chesspage1 actually calling a pawn and pawn and not a plum

  19. we are still waiting for the tennison gambit video

  20. usually when i want to go for something like this, i end up trading queens and ending their castle priv. this is much more effective, ty.

  21. I have tried for 2 hours to play this gambit…..
    Couldnt play it even once
    I hate my life

  22. made 50 people resign. 10/10 opening

  23. i remember years ago, when i played chess, i fell for this gambit. still hurts

  24. this is why I never let my enemy in chess get me into an uncomfortable spot, if they put my piece in a tight spot, I just start moving around other guys and play super aggressively, typically gets them extra flustered when I turn the tables on them like that 🙂

  25. First I was dissapointed that this wasn't a Bosnian Ape Society kinda video but now I want to play this opening

  26. I love this gambit, but I have one critique to the video’s opening: the bishop wouldn’t have a family as bishops are forbidden to marry.

  27. White king: what happen here
    Black pawn: your son caused a traffic jam
    Black pawn 2: yea pls move him away

  28. Oh wow it worked. Moving Knight out first does make people throw Queen's pawn out first. Thank you!

  29. If the opponent doesn't play like the video shows you are likely in a very embarrassing situation.😏

  30. "Amma play the ICBM opening" * Does nothing *
    * Opponent while looking out of the window * "Aayooooooo💀"

  31. What how tf did you get the subscribe button to light up with a rainbow aeound it when you said subscribe??????

  32. The Disgusting Trash Gambit sounds like a fun time

  33. Just use a real intercontinental ballistic missile to blow up the board and get a draw by death of both players except it's not because the one who did the offense wins so you would win🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  34. this guy is what we in the trade often refer to as a quite funny and good person

  35. As an avid Scandinavian defense player I love when people try this stupid trick on me and I just destroy all their hopes and dreams by defending the pawn with my bishop.

  36. I sacrificed my cat for a raise, is that about the same?

  37. I’m pretty new to chess, but I must play this opening.

  38. nobody going to question why the bishop has a family? (they arn't meant to have one :O)

  39. Bishop: I have a family 🙁

    Me: No you don’t….

  40. did this 2 times… both surrender the moment i took the queen


  42. Ever since Bosnian Ape Society called this trap the ICBM Gambit, many people have been doing that. But few know that it's a variation of the Tennison Gambit or even a real opening. Many people have been making videos explaining it, but I found them kind of boring so I made my own version. This is just my own version and explanation of the gambit. Hope you enjoyed it.

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