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A fun and tricky gambit for the White pieces: the Tennison. The Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Variation. Best achieved after Nf3 d5 e4, but can also be added to your 1. e4 repertoire.

0:00 Intro

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  1. 4:21 if you try the gambit after pawn to c6 isnt the pawn on h7 just gonna capture the bishop then the queen is traded?

  2. When i was a kid. I can play chess without seeing chess board. I must remember any step and place of each items of me and the opponent move. So i coulf play chess in sleeping even i am not karparov or Russian. Thank you.

  3. I love how just a few years ago gotham calls himself bad.

  4. the first thing that came to my mind was top chess

  5. Just played this and I've never laughed so hard while winning.

  6. Honestly as soon as you take the queen the game is over, mainly because they resign

  7. I got hit by ICBM yesterday and youtube is recommending this to me now?!?!?!

  8. I do it with the black pieces they play d5 i play e4 when they take i develop bishop targetting the pawn close to the king and then they play nf3 or some developing move i sacrifice the queens pawn and then sacrifice the knight and then sacrifice the bishop to deflect the king and take the queen

  9. I just played 4 games against a bot and not once did it cooperate with that opening. 🤣

  10. you forgot that you can just simply win the game by activating the launch code for the intercontinental ballistic missile and if they are found within 2000km of its radius they instantly lose. Its very easy to pull off even against grandmasters despite it being a very rookie mistake.

  11. Been playing 90% of my openings with this… Apparently i didn't know the variations too well😅

  12. Love it when gotham linked the video in description like he mentioned 😒

  13. why isn't the link to the original video in the description?

  14. 0:25 Aren't you talking about that video where… I don't really think I should spoil it but press 'read more' to see.

    The video where he told us to use a RT-2PM2《Topol-M》cold-launched three-stage solid-propellant silo-based intercontinental ballistic missile to attack Black's pieces? Yes i think i remember that one.

  15. "the queen flies down the board and picks up the other queen" beee whooo youuu aree for your priiiiiidee

  16. Starting doing this on blitz I’m 400 actaully works well considering I don’t know most of the moves

  17. idk why folks trade queens so quickly. it ruins the game entirely and creates little to no advantage for either side. I guess they get the “castling” advantage. But… it just feels like a newb throwing a tantrum dropping stupid queen moves.

  18. Chess in 2069 be like: Oh no, he played the supernova with extra cheese gambit.

  19. Most of the time the opponent will resign as soon as they get hit.

  20. I can only see this really working in low rated bullet yeah?

  21. Click for the meme, stay for chess opening class

  22. I mean you literally copied the video in question verbatum. And there is no link to the original. Eksdee?

  23. You hasn't to necessary sacrifice the bishop for the opening.

  24. The only video i wanted him to shout hard as he can he didnt

  25. What is the point of saying you'll put the vid in the description if you know you're not actually going to?

  26. @gothamchess where is this at in your course repertoire. I looked in gambits for white, didn't find it

  27. now we are gonna capitalize on black mistake of being within reach of our icbm, now boom, icbm to d8, and whole enemy position evaporates

  28. I once shut down an ICBM and the guy rage quit

  29. if black e5 don`t take any pieces, retreat the queen, otherwise will be: Qxc Nc6 Nc3 Ne8 and you will be out of squares to play the queen

  30. i was hit by one IBM variant but I managed to counter it by forcing a tie
    1. e4 c6 2. Nf3 d5 3. d3 dxe4 4. Ng5 g6 5. Nc3 exd3 6. Bxd3 Bg7 7. Nxf7 Kxf7 8.
    Bxg6+ hxg6 9. Qxd8 Bd7 10. O-O Bf6 11. Qc7 Na6 12. Qxb7 Be5 13. Qxa8 Bxh2+ 14.
    Kh1 Bg3+ 15. Kg1 Bh2+ 16. Kh1 Bg3+

  31. Bro you’d think this is awesome but queen is not worth as much after losing a bishop,two pawns and a knight queen is worth 9 points so if you remove 8 points from it it’s basically worth 1 point

  32. Is nobody going to talk about how black is names “missile recipient” and white “Gotham subscriber”? LOL

  33. I’m extremely mad because I was doing a very good match and then my iPad died

  34. levy actually made a mistake, if black plays e5 after you take the queen, DO NOT TAKE THE PAWN ON C7 like levy said, because black can respond with Nc6 and your queen is literally trapped, nothing can stop Ne8 from black on the next move simply winning the queen. Instead, you can respond to e5 with Qd3+ which is top engine move, if bishop blocks then Qg3+ and you maintain all advantage

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