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  1. After you take the knight with the bishop, they'll take back with the pawn not the queen

  2. Everything fine untill black beard shilling gambit

  3. What if the pawn takes the bishop at f3 and not the queen

  4. Most people just capture the bishop with the pawn

  5. or they just take the bishop with pawn instead of queen

  6. No one is going to use the queen to tak that bishop just the pawn

  7. They won’t do everything that u did tho what if they take with the pond instead of the Queen ?

  8. but when rook checks the king, why wont black play queen takes rook?

  9. Queen can't take if blocked with knight

  10. Most of the people prefer to take the bishop with pawn instead of queen and now you gifted a bishop for free

  11. Why wouldn't black use pawn to take your bishop instead of queen

  12. No guarantee the opponent will all make those moves 🤷‍♂️

  13. Yeah but dude the pawn could have taken instead of the queen and that would have been most people's choice

  14. Wow, i didnt know we can control our oponent's moves

  15. What if the queen did not take the bishop , instead the pawn took the bishop

  16. 99% of the people play Italian and it is sooo boring i really want more crazy plays not just going for the points but try out new stuff

  17. One problem with this, the simplest of most, queen AINT gonna take

  18. What if he takes with the pawn when taking horse

  19. Opponent: *takes bishop with pawn instead of queen*

  20. Thank you so much, I keep running into this but didn’t understand it because even though I play the Italian Ive never of this trap.

  21. What should app ,you may recommend it,just for playing?

  22. Wy would the queen take? I mean i'd take with the pawn

  23. Me knowing ill play something like a pawn move within the first 30 seconds

  24. What happens when black plays the traxler counter

  25. Me starting the opening.

    My opponent: does something else

  26. thats bs you wouldnt even need to move your queen to beat bishop f6 if it beats the knight you can simply take it with a pawn

  27. You could castle at the end as well its even better

  28. I got this accident while trying to play king gambit

  29. the pawn can take the bishop instead of the queen,same results different losses

  30. who defends with queen instead of the pun at the top right of the board?

  31. what if my opponents are too bad to play logically?

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