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  1. Nah black should take bishop with pawn instead to make an open file for rook

  2. But they can eat the bishop by the pon too

  3. They always takes the bishop with pawn so

  4. i know the memes are "no one plays these moves!" but this opening in particular is actually so common, thanks for the tips!

  5. "Follow me for more chess traps"
    Where do i go? Idk where you are

  6. Everyone's a gangsta until opponent plays a weird move

  7. I’m kind of upset since white has so many options to win, but is there any traps that black can you against white 🤔

  8. This Nc3 stuff in the Italian is so boring tbh. Bg5 Nd5 is like the whole backbone of it and even when the point gets played black equalizes.

  9. Definitely common one. I had several games with these exact moves…

  10. Let's be honest I won't remember any of this

  11. 90% of the people I've played against took the bishop with pawn

  12. There is far better trap here, check scotch gambit trap

  13. And if they take first white bishop with pawn instead of queen??

  14. Everyone plays this against me but I just castle instead of playing Be6 and then they just have no idea how to play the line and struggle

  15. Horse to A5 is the best move for black attacking the white bishop

  16. It was common up until the trap started and the bishop threatened the night, it’s much more likely that they just pin your night to your queen in that situation

  17. this one's is really useful, I play the Italian alot. thanks Bobby

  18. This is really nice because even if he doesn't fall for the trap, it's still an even game

  19. Talking bout knight forks… proceeds to draw half swastikas all over the board

  20. This is why i wont play e5 against this opening, too much work and still ends up weakening the king side.

  21. I checked with stockfish and apparently Black has Bb4 after exd4 cxd4. After Nxb4 Bxe4 Nxc6, you aren’t winning a piece but you have a great position.

  22. Wait so what I've been doing this whole time is an Italian game?

  23. it can be avoided if you castle instead of playing bishop

  24. Imagine an engine at depth 200 recommending different moves

  25. I always o-o instead of bd3
    So l can never fall for the trap😂😂

  26. Whenever I try to do this people capture bishop with pawn instead of queen

  27. Wish I knew this in 2006. Probably reached Bg5 atleast 3 times every tournament game.

  28. I actually learned this line a few months back there's actually a lot of replies for Black and there's even a line where they can escape the forks but it's very tricky and white still gets a great position.

  29. What actually happens: black plays bishop g4 or castles with an equal posit

  30. I definitely fell into this atleast twice, probably part of the reason I switched to the French defense lol

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