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  1. i thought this was a giuoco pianissimo italian 4 knights game lol, ive been calling it the wrong opening all this time

  2. What if they attack with g7 pawn instead of queen

  3. You have to know this
    Here's the moves it starts with

  4. The queen never takes. Why would your bring your queen out when you can take with your pawn

  5. My opponent who chooses to castle instead of play bishop e6

  6. This it totally broken down if the black Queen doesn’t take the bishop on F7 and instead the player does the more likely move of taking with the pawn from G8

  7. For this reason, I always capture with the piece thats worth less

  8. If i was the. I would take your bishop with my pawn instead of my Queen

  9. What if the black pawn takes on f6?

  10. But what if the queen doesn't take the knight, instead the pawn takes

  11. Proves that one shouldn't follow the nice chess manners and become a victim of the average numbers.

  12. Im italian and i played this by accident like literally didnt know much of chess and i did this

  13. pawn wouldve taken bishop, pull back with bishop instead so its not in danger, while keeping the knight pinned, play from there is how it would go usually, or just trade knight-bishop if you want

  14. The pawn always takes my bishop other than the queen

  15. I prefer to play the Evans Gambit because most people below 1000 ELO (can't speak for above, not there yet) just take the pawn and accept the gambit

  16. I'm tryna learn chess rn but how tf am I supposed to remember 20 moves from a YouTube short.

  17. Why’s it called the Italian it’s called chess

  18. Thanks for the tip but ngl I kinda miss “cuz you have to know this”

  19. Bro forgot pawn can take🤣🤣🤣🤣

  20. I don't understand why would a normal person (that doesn't now the italian game) play the bishop to c4 ?

  21. everybody gangsta about the check until he moves it💀

  22. Bro these moves r weird asf literally nobody plays this

  23. What if he takes with pawn instead of queen

  24. ok yh but this will never happen to me and instead of using the queen you can use the pawn

  25. Or the pawn can take the bishop like a smart person

  26. Usually bishop is captures by pawn not by Queen

  27. Me seeing this singing
    “ here’s the moves it starts with slide the queen and bait it their gonna take it blunder “

  28. …help they didn't take with the queen

  29. I literally play this thing every game 💀

  30. You have to know this heres the moves it starts with…

  31. If Black takes the first bishop with the pawn instead of the queen the plan is foiled half way through..

  32. But what if after pawns trade bishop b4 check?

  33. Can you block the check with ur knight, protecting your castling rights?

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