Keep an Eye on my A Pawn *GIGACHAD*

#chess #shorts #alessiasanteramo


  1. show us the full game from beginningi want learn from u suite 💓

  2. Damn, she's really delivering a baby on the a file

  3. I love your glasses, Greetings from Mexico you are awesome

  4. C5 with bc6 looks helpful but still los tn probably

  5. l hate her poor woording cringe af can't even speak English properly

  6. LoL nicebut you need the double of prediction to win against me ^^my dad umiliated me too many times in 20 years of amateur chess matchesLoL

  7. You are gorgeous. You play just as elegant 😉

  8. Do you people actually remember who you play against?

  9. Botez has more followers than this girl why?!?!

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