Larsen’s Opening: 1.b3 | Chess Openings Explained

Caleb Denby tours through the flank opening 1.b3, popularized by Danish grandmaster Bent Larsen. See three of the most classic games of Larsen’s Opening.

Bent Larsen vs Brian Eley, Hastings 7273 (1972): A01 Nimzovich-Larsen attack, modern variation

Baadur Jobava vs Zaven Andriasian, Fujairah Masters (2012): A01 Nimzovich-Larsen attack, modern variation

Bent Larsen vs Raymond Keene, Teesside (1972): A01 Nimzovich-Larsen attack, classical variation


  1. Brian Eley wasn't a GM (whatever else he may have been)

  2. I say… Val Kilmer as Martin de Porres,,, sort of…

  3. what if the black castles on Queens side rather than kings side.

  4. We need to see more videos with Caleb Denby ! He explains lines clearly, he is to the point and interesting to watch and listen. Good video, hope to see some more !

  5. Along with the games could you also include the results?

  6. Seems like every case Black is purposefully castle into the diagonal the white dark square bishop controls. Showing us a game how it works where Black castles queenside would help.

  7. You should do a video on the comparisons of the English opening from the black side.

  8. I can't believe that it's as high as #6 in popularity… I've used it in the past, and I kind of liked it, but I'm not sure it should be used so much that it makes it to #6.

  9. Thank you veri much, video is perfekt,!!!!!

  10. Wow, that hour was fast, fluent and likeable! Thanks for that b3 presentation!

  11. Great instruction but his hair infuriates me for some reason

  12. J and J Isulan Food Catering Service says:

    Can anybody here tell me what is the apps or software they're using for this tutorial. Thanks… im amazed about that arrow thing its just best for tutorial

  13. I played against this today, having no real knowledge of the theory. I was able to create a very closed game on the diagonal he wanted to open by playing 2. …D4 and then a counter-fianchetto on my own kingside. It was a very strange game that involved some very messed up h6 ideas, but it was quite fun and I was able to play it to a win with black so I must have done something right. 🙂

  14. This is so amazing Caleb Denby speaks exactly the same as Jonathan Schrantz
    (See ) .

    The same diction, the same accent, the same sentence construction.

    The only difference is the tone of voice.

    Did they attend the same school, or live in the same neighborhood or share some other unusual link?

  15. Maybe wait till you have facial hair before you deign to teach

  16. What if you start with Nf3…b3…Bb3?
    Most my games opponet fianchetoes its own darksquare bishop

  17. I get the opening of the channel to attack the black pawn, but I would probably have pushed the D pawn. The queen backs it, the bishop, the knight. His center falls idk.

  18. Maybe a higher rated player would have been better.

  19. bishops on e7 and d7 against this opening is asking to get hammered in the poop hole

  20. There seems to be times when white could try trading his bishop for blacks knight to weaken the e5 pawn, would that ever be done, or is the bishop that value

  21. It's so hard try to understand this being a foreign

  22. I didn't know Jake from two and a half man knows to play chess this good

  23. Ben Finegold said that he occasionally plays the Larsen Attack and looked at some of Bent's games and found Bent was normally totally lost out of the opening but won anyways, so maybe don't play it exactly like him

  24. الشطرنج المصري Gamal kotb says:

    جميل جدا ورائع
    اين الجزء الثانى

  25. I'm over 1900 now in official chess rating in Canada and I play 1.Nf3 and 2.b3, or Reti 1.Nf3 with 2.c4 and I get decent games with these openings and I don't have to study so much opening theory. I am happy with my results.

    I tried to play 1.d4, 1.e4 etc but I'm more of an English/Reti/Larsen type player.

  26. The Nimzo-Larsen set up vs a King side fianchetto is very interesting

  27. b3 must have something to it because Nakamura plays it in bullet chess a lot.

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