Learn Chess Opening Tricks and Relax ♔ ASMR

Learn some good opening tricks – both how to use them and defend against them.
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  1. Hey ASMR CHESS, first off, love these videos, learn so well with ur descriptions and naming of pieces, it's great! However, would you mind remaking this one? In this video, you make a small mistake on minute 15.41 and after you make white's move with their pawn, you forget to move a black piece and instead move another white piece again, and it's kind of throwing my study of the opening off a bit. If you could fix it, I would be greatly appreciative as this Budapest opening is becoming one of my favorites and I would love to fully understand thanks to you. Thank you for your time and the videos you make!

  2. Ok…you win a full rook if they protect with a6 but after Na6, your rook is trapped…it cant go anywhere except a8 and a8…and wont be long you will lose it too…

  3. Instructions unclear, tried to get some sleep but became a grandmaster and beat Magnus Carlsen instead

  4. Why do I have two 15 seconds adds YouTube what is this

  5. The Queens gambit is very well defended by many these ages 😂

  6. Haven’t had an interest in chess since I was a child, thanks for reigniting that interest with your awesome videos! My wife and I’ve played a few games since, and it’s been a great time. Genuinely one of my very favorite ASMRtists!

  7. You are an Angel, exactly what I was looking for. I feel like a bee that’s been dipped in honey and hand fed cantelope

  8. That trick was so dirty I'll have to clear my watching history.

  9. Hey, what chess set do you have? It’s really nice

  10. I really love this kind of chess tutorials. It's just so calm like there's no rush and he's really explaining it unlike others with aggressive voice and it just sounds like a mess i love this thank you i learned a lot thanks for helping! 😭🥲

  11. Always good to see you posting. Just so happened to catch me while I’m studying, I think this will make a great background study video, thanks friend.

  12. Good to have you back 👌. Would love a game sometime soon

  13. Omg, i’m so happy when you post some chess content, it’s soooooo good, keep up the good work!

  14. I love that you picked up making chess videos again. Because of your vids i started to play and i love it 🙂 Pls keep on making such great informative videos!

  15. Amazing change in direction from the online chess videos (of course they are still my favourite) great to know after all of these years you still put the effort and creativity into each video

  16. so nice to go to bed!💜💜💙

  17. I’ve only recently learnt to play but have been watching ASMR for years. I got through all your old vids pretty quick and you’ve really helped me to learn (until I fall asleep 😅). Thank you for the new video!

  18. Excellent video and perfect pace for beginner like me. I enjoyed this video alot !

  19. You should make this a series! this is so relaxing a watch, maybe talk about different gambits, stafford, kings, evans or different openings, english, dutch, sicilian etc. Love you

  20. Always a delight having some new Chess content from you – I love the way you talk about the game. You're very good at conveying ideas and rationalising decisions, and you have a wonderful flair for really bringing out the drama in chess. The language & tone you employ to describe the power, intrigue, and thrill of certain maneuvers really conveys the excitement & love you have for the game, and it puts a smile on my face every time. If all chess teachers were both this enthusiastic and this clear in their explanations, I think even more people would be able to discover the joy in chess. Glad to hear you're planning to do some more videos like this too, especially given the recent bump in interest for the game. Thank you!

  21. I enjoy the online chess videos but really loved this format too. I'd love to see more of these kinds of lessons as well.

  22. Dude, just got home from the midnight shift and you have a new vid, with a physical board?! Sweeeeeet! Gonna chill to this riiiiiight the way to sleep

  23. You uploaded my suggestion. Yayyyyy!!!! Ahhhhh!!! I'm so happy. Love the content. Thank you so much!

  24. Very Nice ASMR 💖🤗💖😃💖☺💖😴💖🏆💖🙏💖😎💖👏💖👍💖😴💖

  25. I love the mix of educational and asmr content keep it up man !!

  26. Awesome video, chess and asmr go very well together I believe because the board and the wood make very relaxing sounds. That checkmate with the knight and bishop, giving up your queen was also super lethal.

  27. Bedste ASMR og skak på YouTube!🙌🏼

  28. Like the new videos, thought you went ghost

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