Learn the Best Openings with Hikaru | Legendary Openings 5

Hikaru plays a speedrun with only Legendary and Unbreakable Openings from the Tier List Video Series for Beginners that starts here: Legendary Opening Speedrun 5


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  1. When hikaru plays he gets 2500 + noobs, When I play, i get 700 rated GM's that doesn't seem fair

  2. I really hope they paid you enough to make this swap worth it

  3. wtf is this bull… why is it that the best players are always the worst teachers? I learned literally nothing from this video titled "LEARN the best openings"… fucking false advertising bullshit clickbait… done with chess youtubers, maybe im done with youtube in general, im going to go back to reading books…

  4. Jesus loves you all, accept Jesus and be saved today, repent from sin and believe in Jesus

  5. Yooo the old board theme was better or idk if it's a filter but it kindda looks bad

  6. Can't even watch your stuff anymore on here because you're arguing about kick half the video with viewers.

  7. I thought I was trippin when hikaru started counting in farsi

  8. Remember after Magnus won last year he took his team to Thailand and you looked in the camera like ??? That was funny

  9. Long term I am going to create a way for people to actually learn a foreign language at a high level

  10. That first player is worse than the 300 elo players I play against, rare to find someone who just hangs everything

  11. Kick, Twitch. Don't have time for either, just watching some YouTube every now and then.

  12. would love to see him play the bird and Latvian gambit opening one day.

  13. yak doe seh char panch sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh

  14. I thought the "fossile" was named that way because the piece couldn't move

  15. So is Hikaru a genius who happened to play chess, like Fischer said he was? To some extent, I would think.

  16. Bro you counting in Persian got me for a sec .much love from Iran ❤️

  17. "He can't castle cause he gets mated" Castles anyway

  18. I was at a pet shop they had big fish, took one home and called it stockfish

  19. I drew a 1100 and probably could have beat him tho

  20. can someone tell me the name of the board color variation

  21. Hikaru: I would stick to e4 openings as a beginner
    My 1100 elo peanut brain: can't play the London system without d4

  22. 14:11 Hikaru: “He can’t castle ‘cause then he gets mated.”
    NooB: *Castles*
    🤦‍♂️ 😜 😂

  23. I wonder how many people reported you that day 😅

  24. If you really wanted to help the chess community you would take on Eric Hansen in chess boxing

  25. Moving to Kick was a great idea, unfortunately your Mods are sabotaging you and banning people for no reason

  26. This isn’t appropriate conversation for a speed run teaching openings. Time and place for everything. Kick membership and streaming has nothing to do with learning openings.

  27. The photoshopped pictures of you kill me haha. Starts off Hollywood then the video starts and it's bollywood😅

  28. How can i change the color of the arrows, I really hate de default orange

  29. I'm native spanish speaker and I just wanted to said that hikaru have a clear Spanish pronunciation, with accent, but clear.

  30. 14:10 Hikaru: "He can't castle because then he gets mated." Opponent: Castles

  31. Hikaru would be the last person I will learn openings from

  32. One very truly super great Incredible legendary opening has to be the Irish/Chicago gambit

  33. I hope Hikaru never stops streaming and if his viewers lose interest, the internet just syphons some more… There's no point in streaming if there's no interest but Chess will always have novices so I'm hopeful

  34. ngl just watching your video while playing chess makes me more motivation

  35. Hikaru casually killing players that i struggle with like its nothing

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