Learn the BongCloud in less than 5 minutes (Chess openings)

Disclaimer: This video is purely for entertainment purposes!


In this video I’ll be showing you the theory behind the bongcloud opening in chess. I’ll show you it’s history, main ideas etc. Hope you enjoy!


  1. I got a comment asking me if I farted at 1:22, LMAO. It was a fart sound effect I added while talking about the berlin draw to signify that the berlin draw was shit! That wasn't me but I can see why people would think that lol…

  2. "Or else they will be known as a coward for the rest of their life." Gold lol

  3. thank you. i have been looking for theory for a while now.

  4. If the room is full of smoke and you have a bong in one hand and you play e4 with the other, you're playing the bongcloud

  5. Ah! Indian accent!
    The worst english mix accent ever

  6. The only time a king move is considdered brilliant

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