Learn the Caro-Kann Defense | 10-Minute Chess Openings

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  1. cash is so drop dead down the heels inlove with you he is so gay for u

  2. And you can do caro kann in white by moving pawn to f3 and g4 which is called Stupid Opening

  3. My Gamer Tag is KaanCaro I need to master this

  4. btw, he has a Caro-Kann 35min lesson, if yall want to learn about it 🙂

  5. Really like how you explained how to deal with the most common moves you face with the Caro-Kann.

  6. What do u do when white goes queen h5 on the second move?

  7. I know this is a super old video but, why do you think other youtubers don't share your love for the caro Khan? I know your personal attachment from your other video on it, but have you just put so much time into that you overcome the short comings of the opening? Or is there another reason its not more popular on YouTube?

  8. 2:00 We can play pawn h6 to slide back our bishop if the opponent threatens or wants to exchange and u don't.

  9. You didn't say what happens if white plays pawn to e5 on the second move..??

  10. 0:49 – The exchange variation

    2:15 – Exchange variation – Panov variation

    3:07 – knight to c3 protect variation

    4:59 – knight to d2 protect variation

    5:07 – f3 protect variation (fantasy variation)

    6:27 – advance variation1, c5

    6:52 – advance variation2, knight to c6 (main line variation)

  11. Very nice. At 6:20 tho I found it a bit weird that you dismissed this variant so quickly. I found the 2 knights variation to be quite popular in guides for white these days (e.g. t6rMMIO9Kqg). Especially after … Bf5 (the most common move here in the wood tiers) white has Ng3, and after the natural drop back to g6 white has the very uncomfortable h4. After … h6, Ne5 black at least loses the bishop pair and gets a doubled pawn, because … Bh7 is countered by Qh5.

  12. Since I started playing this opening my winning percentage with black has dropped by 3-4%. Can only recommend this great opening

  13. It can't be that fast in a real game. Depending on
    the opponent

  14. I love how he has a 10 min video to learn the Karo but a 35 min video how to destroy it 😂😂😂😂

  15. Please teach the slav defense.
    Thank you

  16. I played two matches with the same person and won them both and it said i got an award featuring the caro kann defense so thats why im here

  17. How about 10 minutes of the Duras gambit. I do love wird openings.

  18. Hey Levy my name is Matt. I have always played chess growing up but never put much interest into it until this year. In the past 2 months I’ve gone from about 300 elo to 700 elo. I have been very intentional with learning from my errors and gaining new knowledge and a lot of that has come from you and your channel. So I wanted to say thank you and congratulate you and all the great content you are creating. Cheers

  19. My white openings are SOOOO bad. What is a good white opening to practice for a noob?

  20. back when his thumb nails where not click bait cancer

  21. *Watching this 10min before a tournament*🤣

  22. I love these videos 🙂 Thanks very much for your efforts!

  23. Perhaps you should make a video on king's gambit

  24. I watched this video and thought "oh I gotta go try that now". I discovered a new way to get mated.😅

  25. May I ask what's the advantage of Caro Kann over the London System?

    Which one will have better position and flexibility transitioning to mid game?


  27. Hell nah I just got a 40 second unskipable ad hellllll nah

  28. I have a chess tournament tommorow Wish me luck and i hope i win🎉

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