Learn the Evans and Nakhmanson Gambit | 10-Minute Chess Openings

IM Levy Rozman aka GothamChess is back with another 10-minute chess opening video on the Evans Gambit and Nakhmanson Gambit. This is Agadmator’s and Leela’s favorite opening, so it must be amazing.
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  1. See… but what happens when they take with the knight after you play knight to c3 in the nahkmanson

  2. Very good explanation of the Evans , even I can understand it !!

  3. The nakhmanson gambit seems very similar to the lolli attack

  4. 5:57 the second option loses the queen from the bishop

  5. What an amazing repetoir. Inspired me…

  6. in light of your comments at the end of your video. Love your content Levy

  7. At 6 minutes Qh4 would have been a blunder as blacks bishop is eyeing h4

  8. Eh beginners play the knight to the edge of the board all the time….

  9. what if the black bishop attacks the rook on a1?

  10. Video made 2 years ago. You said you wanted to not pin the hateful comments because you wanted to see more of the good side of the community….. When did that change because it's nearly almost always the "Pin of Shame".

  11. That black subtitles are hiding white piece soo badly

  12. Because I play the Italian (I’m trying to learn, I’ve learned a main line already) and I kind of want to try something new, and you say that it is strong

  13. I watch this video 5 times before playing a game.

  14. Instead of Qb3, can't why also just get a better Fried Liver attack with Ng5?

  15. Ty levy you have tought me soooo much… after 10 years of learning from you specifically i have now reached 500 elo. TY lololololz jokes

  16. what should i plan on doing if at 2:27 black takes the knight on d2 threatening to take on e4 and realistically taking on e4

  17. my friend, you bring so much life into chess, I lOVE your videos, it is amazing. I had to review it like 3 times to understand better, but it is just nuts, pure stuff!

  18. "I know I've been pinning hate comments but I want to move on from that" 😛

  19. Is there a way to get rid of the subtitles? Those are blocking the view.

  20. So I tried the gambit. He took with his flipping knight. Absolutely destroys the gambit.

  21. Lmao off I just lost to bishop e7 and knight a5 by black in the Evans. I know a few extra moves that line now

  22. bro went from "take care" to "get outta here" in the outros.

  23. My math teacher used this opening against me

  24. Just lost my queen to this
    Thankfully the other player knew english so he told me the name of gambit when i asked

  25. What I do after play I knowed by him that he also see this video😂😂

  26. this is a terrible tutorial. He just says stuff like "it's different when you're castled" but doesn't explain how. Why can't black play queen e7 anyway? Black HAS to play this, black HAS to play that. Why? no one knows.
    He just shows stuff. It's annoying.

  27. Hit like if u came here after seeing alphazero vs stockfish

  28. 8:03 its just the scotch gambit. There are way more ways play can evolve such as the Max Lange attack, Morphy attack, Andersen attack etc.
    7:40 also Ng5 is not the fried liver. Its just Ng5 the knight attack. Fried Liver is when black makes the mistake of taking the pawn back with the knight

  29. me when d5 happens : I cant stop myself from playing THE EN PASSANT

  30. Hey Levy Congrats on crossing 4M, that is fantastic. Really enjoying the channel.

  31. This has helped me win so many more games

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