Learn the Queen’s Gambit Chess Opening and Relax ♕ easy tutorial for beginners ♕ ASMR

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The Queen’s Gambit is a mainstay in chess opening theory. It is a great opening for beginners and improvers, because at the lower levels you can achieve much the same setup in most games, helping you get familiar with the themes, strategies and tactics of the opening. At the same time the Queen’s Gambit is an opening you can have with you for your entire chess life. It can be played at the beginner level, the club level, the grandmaster level and even at the world championship level. It will never get out of style, it will never get refuted and you’ll always be able to find new and fascinating ways to play it.

In this video you’ll get a deep strategic understanding of what your pieces want to do and why in the Queen’s Gambit. I believe it is most helpful for beginners and improvers to understand the ideas, plans and concepts rather than memorizing endless opening variations and then be left clueless as soon as their opponent deviates. After this strategic introduction I will show an example game so you can see for yourself how deadly the QG can be in effect.

I will make at least one follow-up video (coming out about a week’s time after this one) where I go over the most common responses to the Queen’s Gambit, so you’ll have an overview of all the different stuff black can try and hit you with.

If you are new to the channel I can understand if you are wondering about the peculiar manner in which I speak. This video is not only a chess tutorial, it is also what is known as an ASMR video. ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and is described as a “tingling sensation” one can have when listening to a soft or whispery voice. The point is to relax the listener and maybe help them sleep. It is also known to be effective against anxiety and have a general calming effect. I can also have the exact opposite effect, which is known as misophonia. If you get inexplicably angry when hearing my voice, please do not be alarmed. This is normal and happens to about 5% of people. You can either vent your anger by writing a nasty comment (not generally recommended) or listening to powerful music – if you are into metal then put on some thrash, if you are into hiphop put on some MOP and scream it out (recommended).

In the video I say Capablanca and Alekhine played their WcM in 1934, which is incorrect. That match was played in 1927, but they played 34 games which was how I got it mixed up.


  1. una pregunta seria asmr chess, eres español o ingles o de que pais? hablas español y ingles y me lo pregunte

  2. Always happy to see an upload, thanks so much! Have you given thought to doing a video about Ivanchuk? He’s such a unique character in the chess world. Hope you’re well friend.

  3. another day when I'll sleep well and learn more chess, thankuuuu, u r the best

  4. Was just heading to sleep, perfect timing! Can't wait to watch:)

  5. Holy chessboard, I've never been this early to a video. Love your content! It helps me play better chess and to sleep. Win-win 🙂

  6. Viel Glück beim weiteren Erlernen der deutschen Sprache ;D

  7. So psyched about this! Not only for helping my sleep. But also since your Budapest gambit and Sicilian video has helped me climb in rating (if i get black). Finally I might be able to win as white as well!

  8. HSMR VID LETS GOOO!!! keep up the great work!

  9. Love the deep explanations on each move's diferences. I always like to understand why im doing what im doing so thank you for that

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