Learn the Queen’s Gambit Chess Opening: TRAPS & Errors

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will teach you the Queen’s Gambit chess opening which happens after the first moves: 1.d4 d5 2.c4. He gives a complete overview of this opening in just 10-15 minutes that will give you an in-depth knowledge of this popular chess opening.

Through this mini crash course, you will get a complete understanding of the opening moves of the Queen’s Gambit. Instead of just memorizing the opening moves, you will learn the logic and the fundamental ideas behind those moves.

Most importantly, you will also learn the common errors, cool and nasty traps, and the overall idea of the opening.

► Chapters

00:00 Queen’s Gambit Chess Opening: Traps & Ideas
00:30 Understanding the logic behind opening moves
04:24 Queen’s Gambit Accepted: 2…dxc4
06:42 Winning trap for White
07:26 Queen’s Gambit Accepted: Q-side pawns trap
08:56 Earn money by spreading chess
09:57 QGD: Marshall Defense, 2…Nf6
11:48 Queen’s Gambit Declined: Mainline 2…e6
13:35 Simple variation, avoiding too much theory
15:05 Punishing Black’s common mistake/error

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  1. Why e3 instead of e4 when the gambit is accepted

  2. so basically four minutes of rubbish talk, thank goodness there was a speed up button

  3. I always played the queen's gambit in our inter class tournaments and boy I was always destroyed

  4. Clearly.. ginger boy, in the background, has heard it all before.. and therefore feels, despite some very helpful and straightforward advice, absolutely no need to stir from his second cat nap of the evening….🐈 💤 ✌️

  5. The real version of Shelden. Even he looks a little like him. But seems very humble for a GM. I enjoy this a lot. Very rewarding. Thank you!

  6. All i needed to see was your cat sleeping so peacefully Igor and …. wait… was this a chess video?? best chess teacher on youtube bar none!!!!

  7. when gambit accepted, isnt it better to play e4 instead of e3?

  8. After this video i played the queens gambit the first time and got direktly a win 😊

  9. This gentleman is very kind to the You Tube chess community.

  10. First time commenting – best video for myself being 1200ish ELO.
    The slow and detailed explanation of the first couple of moves of the QB and next moves required for each variation, is what makes the video top shelf.
    Cheers from Australia Igor

  11. Black can defend the Rook. Nf3, Qxf3+ followed by bishop d2. (regarding the segament at 8:40 roughly).

  12. You are a wonderful instructor. You keep things very simple. Kudos to you. Regards from India.

  13. In queens gambit declined opponents always move bishop to b4. Could you Cover this in a Video please?

  14. I expecially like the detail explanation and your pleasent voice. Thanks for the tips and I have subscribed to your channel.

  15. These tricks are not even worked for 1100 elo players even after implement Multipltimes

  16. just one little pet peeve and maybe a continuity issue, the chess board theme changing was a little bothersome which can easily be fixed by using an extention other than that the video is amazing and as iread the comments we all leart a lot <3
    keep up the good work

  17. What app are you using for analizing?

  18. So you're basically telling people to engage in a chess pyramid scheme

  19. No tak. To był Gari Kasparov.
    (Gdziekolwiek Karpov jest).
    A Potiomkin był też pancernikiem.
    Who cares?!

  20. Hi Igor love your videos. Please make a video on the Catalan. I’ve recently started playing it on my own. I would love to see what a gm like you thinks about the opening

  21. when you say the queen can pick up the bishop, the knight can block and protect. So no it can not pick up the bishop. Just pointing this out

  22. Nice theory but no one plays any of the openings you show here…

  23. I'm a Italian game players.
    But the italian is getting kinda boring so I want something new.

  24. Your cat sleeping in the back makes the video even greater

  25. Very well tutorial thank you so much sir 🎁❤

  26. Been playing Queens Gambit for 3 yrs … and the French Defense on black .. for 3 yrs lol love them both

  27. Cut the crap and come to the point fast. Less bullshit more action.

  28. Playing the computer I kept getting killed when gambit accepted, Kt to c3 then black plays pawn to e5 would love the best play for white. 12 unsuccessful attempts to counter this move. Love the videos

  29. I have been playing the White's Queen's Gambit since 1975 and never knew about the Traps and Errors on the Black side. Thank you

  30. Great lesson, thank you! It really explains the reasons behind things.

  31. Good stuff. So if they develop their knight to f6 after the queen's gambit you can just take the pawn. The Slav defence or the Queen's gambit – you just develop normally. If they try to defend their queen's gambit accepted you can win their rook. And watch out for knight to D2: you can't take d4 because they'll take you back and then win your queen. Thanks igor

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