Learn the Slav Defense | 10-Minute Chess Openings

Learn the Slav Defense in 10 minutes. Like the video, write a comment 🙂
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  1. I am 500 and didn't even realise I was playing the Slav defense all the time as black. 😂

  2. But what happens if white doesnt play as you are showing….plz anyone respond

  3. Watched this. Next opponent played d4. He resigned after 13 moves. Thank you!

  4. I tried repeating the variation names aloud and kept saying shlav hahaha

  5. So much has happened since this video came out

  6. Now see, my computer game (GameTop, Grand Master Chess 3), is not playing the queens gambit as white. It brings out eh Bishop,—and it will smoke you. Give that game at try at the easy adult level. I see all you guys doing examples with easy programs. This thing is aggressive.

  7. Pizza is my favorite food. The nutrition is probably the reason why I Don't have enough brain power playing this game lol

  8. Black against D4 (Slav Defense)

    d4-d5/(Queen’s gambit) c4-c6/Knights out

    1. (Semi-open slav-passive)

    a. … e6/cxd5-cxd5/…Nc6

    b. ..e6/Bg5-Nd7

    i. (Cambridge spring setup ) cxd5-exd5/…Qa5/…Bb4/…Nd4

    ii. …Be7 or Bd6/..b6/…Bb7/e4? You need theory for defense.

    c. (Catalan system) g3-Bf5/…e6

    d. Risky: e3-Bf5/…e6/…Nd7/…Bd6/…castle (If you don’t get punished by Qb3)

    e. Safest: …e6/…Nd7/…Be7/…castle/…b6/…Bb7/…c5

    2. (open slav) …xc4

    a. a4 to prevent b5

    b. (Geller gambit) e4

    3. (Schepenenko slav) …a7/…b5

    4. (Schelekter slav) …g6

  9. Sir please make video on van't kruijs opening

  10. watched you play a blitz game vs cambridge springs yesterday. you were impressed. video idea maybe idk?

  11. Any recommendations for a more in depth Slav course? Apologies if I missed one in the video

  12. 1:26

    Bruh you must have made this up. Sounds like someone mocking a Slav variant

  13. …and this is why Levy, 1 year later, you have over a million subs. Favourite food: Biltong with with a good red wine.

  14. I'm playing naturally either semi slav or najdorf sicilian with black. White gets lopez, or caro cann

  15. Favorite food I would have to say, spare ribs

  16. the problem with learning moves without deep understanding (myself) is that you dont know what to do if the opponent doesnt play like you expect (moves you show) , maybe he plays trash moves? if you dont know why you play moves you learned you dont get anything…

  17. I no longer eat bivalves, but the po' boy (oyster) subs in the Jackson Square/French Quarter are as good as it gets.

  18. In the lines you're showing it still looks like White may be able to play Q b3 at the right time and make protection of B7 fragile. Es verdad?

  19. BBQ brisket! Nice video, greetings from Hungary

  20. I know this video is over 2 years old but my favorite food is pizza. Of course.

  21. I have to say, this opening vid was just bad. Usually they are perfect, you go over every main early choice. But you still had ~3mins or w.e it was that could have been used to talk about one of the "big choices" you didn't go over.

    Don't know how to spell the name. But it's the a6 b5 pawn moves on that "big choice". That was just ignored completely and it wasn't even 10mins lol

  22. For some reason when I visit your site the captions cover up the first rank on the board.

  23. My cousin whom I play, he plays h4 & a4.

  24. my favorite defense:

    1. pirc
    2. slav
    3. french

  25. Slav defence is my favourite opening, right after polish defence. The reason why you can only guess.

  26. Tᕼᕮ GᖇᕮᗩT SᗩGᕮ Oᐯᕮᖇ ᕼᕮᗩᐯᕮᑎ says:

    When you hear Marshal Zhukov's and Stalin's orders.

  27. This system has been better lately for me against d4 rather than trying to play the King's Indian or Dragon which lead to more chaotic situations.

  28. 6:06 Levy claims that he wouldn't try to play C6 in every single game… But that would be great content: "Levy plays C6 against EVERYTHING." I can't stop thinking about that video…

  29. As a 300-600 player I almost exclusively see queens gambit/wayward queen. So, I'm going to try to slav/London to climb with familiar positions. Ty so much for this vid!

  30. Levy, have you considered a Slav course to complement your study of the Caro-Kann?

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