Learn the Slav Defense | 10-Minute Chess Openings

Learn the Slav Defense in 10 minutes. Like the video, write a comment 🙂
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  1. Thanks for the instructive content! Can you please make a video on how to defend pawn storms when opposite side castling is done?

  2. I am disappointed. I expected a gopnic in the thumbnail.

  3. Get Life of Boris to voice over this please haha

  4. lose yes lose don't accuse the winner of cheating, use your brain you accept defeat

  5. Levy, would you suggest an early e6-c5 (if it is possible), against the Queen's gambit?

  6. That was excellent and I like the shortness of the lesson. Starting to play again after 30 years. Subscribed! Favourite food for most South-Africans is a braai (barbeque) while watching the rugby.

  7. I'm 9 months late on watching this video but thanks for the coaching.
    My favorite food is Mexican food! 😋. I'm white. My wife is Mexican. But based on liking Mexican food she says I'm more Mexican then her. I have issues 😆.

  8. Spicy Burritos! Btw, if I move my bishop to f5 and the opponent moves their queen to b3, should i bring the bishop back to its original square?

  9. I played this opening and lost. I put on my 3 stripe addias shoes and played this opening again and my elo went straight to 4000.

  10. he should be wearing black adidas set with 3 white stripes and holding a vodka while squatting in the thumbnail

  11. My favorite food is the baguette de fromage/ cheese baguet 🥖 🧀

  12. Levy was so low energy 9 months ago it feels like watching a whole different person

  13. My favorite food is whetever is available to me. I’m not loyal with my favorite food. I’m loyal though when it comes to favorite chess youtubers =)
    That’s why i’m commenting on old videos.

  14. Chicken curry!! Just for the algurytms (you deserve it man)

  15. Nice video, as usual. Thank you. If you are ever in Louisville, KY, must try Vietnam Kitchen. Best dish, (K8) Hu tieu Saté,

    spicy rice noodle with sate sauce, bean sprouts, broccoli, peanuts and lemon grass, choice of beef, chicken, or pork.

  16. My favourite food is char kuew teoh, Idk if it has an English name or not but that's what i call it

  17. My favorite food is burger. Thanks for asking!

  18. Hmm kind of demotivated me from using this opening. Feels like its with too many variations, also passive and easy to counterplay.

  19. Why is Levy's head abnormally large in the cover?

  20. LOL. Beginners get their queen out on move 2. I spend the next X months to talk them out of it, along with every other coach and friend. Then comes "under 1800 (I think you said) they are not used to bringing their queens out.." Reminds me of kindergarten. Kids naturally and happily draw outside the lines. Teachers nag them to stop doing that. Then as adults we torture them to get creative and think outside the box. Back to my coffee. Thank you for your videos… I went from Ben to Eric to Daniel, to you. You are very good.

  21. isn't Qg6 still a threat after you establish the d3 pawn (completing the triangle?)

  22. This reminds me of the London System except from the black side.

    Edit: And apparently I didn't watch far enough before commenting because he kind of says that. xD

  23. In this video I learned that to learn the Slav Defense I should learn the Slav defense

  24. Demetrius Demarcus Bartholomew James III Jr. says:

    Thanks from Bangladesh.

  25. My favorite food: revenge. If I can';t get that, a pizza is nice too.

  26. I would love to see a 10 minute A6 slav, please! 🙂

  27. Schlecter Slav literally translates to “worse Slav”

  28. The thing I'm noticing about Queen's games is the principle ideas are usually the same. I've been playing an indian defense that often transposes into a Queen's gambit that can end up a semi slav (which I've only just discovered) The same key ideas are in all of them

  29. Thank you very much for making such informative and helpful videos, I used to be about 700 at chess, now I am 1200! Thanks again, keep it up.

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