Learn The Smith-Morra Gambit and Relax ♔ ASMR Chess Openings

Let’s learn how to deal with the Sicilian Defense Chess Opening by playing the fun Smith-Morra gambit! Go to to get a 30-day free trial + the first 200 people will get 20% off their annual subscription.

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00:00 Intro & Brilliant
03:26 1: General Setup
15:02 2: Knight d5
26:14 3: Bishop d5
32:22 4: e5
48:40 5: Playing Against The Smith-Morra

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  1. Last time I fell asleep to one of your videos I actually dreamt of chess… but like in full detail, actually seeing the moves I played on a board

  2. I can't explain how much I love your content. I've probably commented more on your channel than every other channel combined

  3. I love your contents and the unique way of presenting them. Thank you so much! 🙏🙏🙏💖💖💖

  4. Currently writing my m.a. thesis, your videos are a treat at the end of each day. Actually doing Classics, so hearing you say telos made me happy. Thank you for your work, mr. Asmr Chess.

  5. 35:30 "he can't capture, because we can capture the bishop" of course and leave the queen alone 😂

  6. Oh perfect! I'm always playing the Sicilian and the Smith-Morra pops up from time to time; this is a great way to see it from the other side!

    Also, the soonsir sgment is amazing. You could sell me almost anything lol. Happy to see you got a Brilliant sponsor! I feel like every good educational channel I've ever watched gets a sponsor from them, and it was about time. You deserve it!

  7. This ASMR experience is a true sensory escape! The soft sounds and delicate sensations transported me into a state of absolute calm. Thank you for sharing these relaxing moments that brighten my day!

  8. Me:"Trying to learn a really in depth strategy"
    Also me:*Falls asleep and doesnt learn anything*

    Your videos are amazing🎉💯

  9. I really enjoyed the video and the explanation. Could you keep the same camera angle throughout the video? I like the calm aspect of the same rather than showing the side view. Thanks again.

  10. You are quite literally the premier Anti-thot ASMR channel. I really appreciate you and your hard work, good sir. 🎩

  11. Cool ad, just one problem. The only visual asmr I need is en passant mate

  12. I started watching this channel as an asmr viewer (which is personally still my favorite part, great asmrtist!) and now you have me playing everyday


    but everybody knows you should never go up against a Sicilian, especially when death is on the line!

  14. I got excited seeing this video cause I actually played this

  15. "Rook is called "Cannon" in Russian" isn't correct, but at the same time isn't entirely incorrect in a very curious way.
    At least since the late 19th century, a Rook in Russian is called Ladya (Ладья). The word means a ship similar to a Scandinavian longship.
    But, an older and obsolete name for a Rook was Tura (Тура). Which is an outdated word for a siege tower. Given how a classical Rook looks – makes sense.
    However, for a brief period (about 30 years in the early 16th century) the word "Tura" in Old Russian meant "Artillery". Not "cannon" but the entire artillery force used, for example, in a siege, or the entire artillery branch of the army.

  16. Thanks for explaining the " Whys" of the moves. I look forward for your next excellent videos..

  17. i cant wait for the chess history and pieces videos

  18. Hey love the videos and i just have a question do you still use the chessup board and if you could make more videos with it ❤

  19. Is 800 elo in blitz the same as 800 elo in a normal game

  20. Hey. You said in the video about rocks' names in Russian. Their names don't mean cannon, but boats. Idt why😂

  21. Now, I useing the calming video and my personal hatred for the Sicilian. Will crush my opponent with this deadly wepon.

  22. Hello, just a request. Can you make a full sicilian HYPER accelerated dragon? Its theroy and i deas, just like the format of this video.

  23. I love asmr chess more than food and water

  24. I meant to ask you – is that an official world championship chess board you're using? It looks absolutely divine!

  25. Hi, thank you so much for the quality chess content. At the expense of Rook's name in Russian the most popular is "Lad'a (Ladia)", an Old Russian sailing vessel, or "Tura" (old Russian word for basically tower of castle, as for me I heard it only once)
    Suddenly never heard of any guns =)
    Ps Special thanks for the videos on chess theory, I remember it easier thanks to your presentation

  26. I’m not bad at chess, over 1800, and this is top.

  27. I love your opening videos, especially the ones like this where you show the main ideas rather than exact variations.

  28. Can we get a video on the cow opening or botez gambit and tag me if you do 😂

  29. A full guide on the king’s gambit would be awesome !!

  30. I love this opening! It's my main response against c5 and I beat my highest rated opponent with it in a classical game

  31. megadumbasspoopydookiefartheadmasterthesecondrippy says:

    your voice is so calming i always fall asleep watching them 😂

  32. The channel got me into chess

  33. i can’t fall asleep.. my friend loves to abuse the sicilian against me because i don’t know how to play against it😭😭😭

  34. Don't be teaching people how to beat my dragon

  35. I really like your content but can you please make sure to give a first person perspective of the pieces you/we are playing? So in this case the white pieces should be in the foreground of the camera and not in the back.

  36. So good, could you do a video on the o kelly sicilian?

  37. Why wouldn't black play e5 instead of e6? It seems like that play would mess up a lot of the discovered check ideas here.

  38. so @24:06 say the rook was to slide under the knight attacking it and knight went where rook just was couldn't rook just slide back and take? or if knight went to the legal move next to other knight couldn't pawn take? Could this be a effective counter ASMRChess?:)

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