Learn to CRUSH with 1. e4 | 10-Minute Chess Openings

Time to learn 1. e4 in ~10 minutes. Like the video, write a comment 🙂

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  1. Really love your videos and although I haven't really begun to study seriously I'm beginning to think about it!!

    ++ I really love the analysis engine you use (the board with arrows and everything), what are you using? Online tool or program?

    Thanks so much /

  2. My favorite sports, is basketball, kanjam, and pool. I have more but this my top 3.

  3. Fave sport: jiu jitsu. But that is physical chess.

  4. CUz im learning chess from this harry potter lookin foo. He nice with it tho.

  5. Old levy was cringe and lovely, i like it

  6. 0:34 E5, Viena Gambit

    1:23 Viena Gambit Declined

    1:30 Viena Gambit, non NF6

    2:23 C5, Sicilian

    3:30 Sicilian, G6

    4:09 Sicilian Recommended by Gotham

    5:00 E6, French Defense

    5:26 Recommended by Gotham

    5:56 Anti French

    6:09 Two knights french

    6:24 C6, Caro kan

    7:05 Tricky System

    7:34 check mate in 4 move

    7:56 D6, Pirc And Modern

    9:15 C5, Scandinavian

    10:03 Againts Everything else

  7. how to win against modern defense ?

  8. Its 10:14 for me, the alakine . Lol that knights armour isn't shiny 😆

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  10. I love how levy went from being chill to screaming about g4 for 30 seconds

  11. Wouldn't playing black pawn to D5 be declining the Vienna Gambit?

  12. These videos are the best. Question, Maybe it’s a dumb question, but what would your preferred responses as white be to 1. E4, e5 2.KnC3, C6 …… Did my opponent just make a mistake or is there something else to that C6 move? (I’ve seen this a couple times) What would be a preferred 3rd move? Anybody at all feel free

  13. Huge fan of your Sicilian. Helped me learn to compete with my father. And honestly learn to love chess again. Keep going man cause you’re my go to when I wanna grow my chess game!!

  14. Old levy such a vibe, so innocent I would die for him

  15. Rock Climbing! Chess seems to help loads with sequence visualization, climbing move choice, and blitz chess is great for developing 'calmness under pressure'. Love your content thanks Gotham!

  16. I love the calm, cute, 'chess tutor Levi' of just two years ago.
    But I also love the frenetic, excited, impatient 'chess (UFC) commentator Levi of '22!
    I'll keep them both, thank you.

  17. the Nd6# is hilarious xD haven't seen that before

  18. Watching this in 2022…Levy has come so far.

  19. Been playing for a month. 788. The more I learn, the more I realize I know absolutely nothing

  20. This 11 minutes feels like hours.. Love watching your vids.. And for now.. I'll just focus on one opening (e4), and still it's information overload. It's fun that I do have the names of those moves I used way back as a child.

  21. I'm a mediocre player but I've been opening 90% of my games with white with e4 since I was a kid, and I recognize a lot of those patterns. Against the average amateur, it's pretty easy to improvise the rest of the opening based on their moves and end up in a pretty good position. Great flexibility and few obvious traps.

  22. When you “trap” the black queen on D4 it can still escape right? It’s not truly trapped. Can you verify?

  23. You speak too fast I don't have time to process everything…

  24. Know this is an older video, but if you happen to see this that would be amazing. What do you think about the scotch game and if it’s suitable for the beginner level?

  25. I don’t see why Vienna is so good. I played it last game against a 1000 player and he played the copycat variation but instead of Qf6 after Qg4 he played Nd4 which the engine says is losing for white pretty badly. Thoughts?

  26. Damn 2 year ago levy is way different from today levy

  27. I cant find the opening scores, can somebody help?

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