Learn to CRUSH with 1. e4 | 10-Minute Chess Openings

Time to learn 1. e4 in ~10 minutes. Like the video, write a comment 🙂

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  1. okay can someone tell me why black doesn't take on f4 in the Vienna opening? I'm a beginner and i cannot make sense of it, isn't it just a free pawn?

  2. Got my buddy with a little varied version of that knight checkmate

    1.e4 c6 2.Nc3 d5 3.Qe2 dxe4 4.Nxe4 Bf5 5.d3 Nd7 6.Nd6#

  3. When he was explaining the Scandinavian, and said "if black goes for a quick castle…", the subtitles showed up like "if black goes for a quick [___]…"

  4. i cant believe i found out about chess because of among us

    small world

  5. the first 10 seconds are so damn cringy LOL

  6. Levy went from ☺️ to 🤪 but maintained teaching quality and improved his content

  7. Watched your video… played Vienna… traded everything off while ruining his pawn structure.
    Then promoted a queen and checkmate.
    Things are easy when you know some tricks.

  8. Too much, too fast. Focus on one or two responses.

  9. A bit slower on your examples could help immensely for me personally, and I'm talking a half second longer.
    Favorite sport is football by far

  10. Pepl who have money r lucky cause they can buy the course lol

  11. Me when I click on the video: Im gonna be a pro

    Me after watching the video: H u h

  12. Ye but what if your opponet plays bishop b4 and your knights c3

  13. You can tell this is old when levy doesn’t recommend the Grand Prix Attack

  14. Gotham may you make a video of the Ruy lopez opening

  15. at 1:26 "if the gambit gets declined" white has 3 moves on the board, black 2, then Levy shows all the possible moves from white if black supposedly declines…. Which type of decline are we talking about here?

  16. Levy: So you want to be-
    Me: A Pokemon master! Yes!
    Levy: …an e4 player.
    Me: Oh…well okay. Sure.

  17. Thanks I legit got a 150 point increase just playing the Vienna

  18. Golf is my favorite in general, because i love it and feel like it's where i can improve the most, but soccer is my favorite team sport

  19. alec-hine? lol alekkin, scratch that uh-lay-hin with guttural h. not that it is important but gotham likes to make a point of pronouncing names the right way, right, levvy? 🙃😇

  20. 02:16 isn't that giuoco piano though? (these names are in the thousands and they drive me crazy tbf)

  21. it often doesn't take long for me to be uncertain if I'm on the same page. what exactly qualifies as declining the vienna gambit?

  22. "How to crush the Ruy Lopez" is missing from your videos.

  23. wow very instructive! what if they play the Nimzowitsch defense tho

  24. Various variation of sicillian, the berlin, caro kaan, scandanavian, french, its too much to remember for me, im just going to play d4 until i die

  25. Funny how much confidence Gotham has gotten since this video, very noticeable shift in personality.

  26. Hey please make a video specifically for the Alekhine Defence, really appreciate it.(Btw fellow Batman fan)

  27. Esports is my favorite sport. I chose something funny, not answering the question

  28. I'm watching from Santiago, Chile. I hope you can make videos of every openings with both white and black pieces. Thanks a lot!

  29. Im trying to learn chess and theres more and more gambits and other plays lmfaoo theres like 100 things for each move

  30. I have watched this video several times now. Trying to get better. Off to try some e4 games. I like badminton a lot but if my knee was ok I would play football. english style:)

  31. Watching from Lisbon, Portugal. Merry Xmas!

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