Levy Loses To The WORST Bot On Chess.com

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  1. 💀 tf did that title say? That bot is not the easiest… that thing is devil like bro… it would destroy majority of the population and even some grandmasters

  2. "yo it just mated me" levy is still in disbelief xD

  3. is rook f1 even a move here? I feel like he was just trolling and playing fast / badly. Knight h1 is the play here, no?

  4. That damn mittens beat my ahh like I stole something

  5. Bro Mittens whoped my ass to. I was confused as to why it’s rating was so low, and now I know it was a bait.

  6. I just thought I am bad cuz I lost to that cat but nvm

  7. Do people sub for the overreactions/pretending? Curious of his audiences age range.

  8. Im better than Sven which is 1100 rating and I can't win mittens

  9. Losing to that that thing feels horrible

  10. Mittens has the cosmic power to turn GothamChess black.

    “OOOOOO!! Yooo!! Nahh…!”

  11. Yeah when I saw it I said this is gonna be easy but

  12. Anyone else find it funny that chess players know how to punish their own position but doesn't have a clue on how to punish their opponent's position?🤣

  13. the 1 doesn't stand for 1 rating IT STANDS FOR RANK 1

  14. This is what happens when u feed ur cat stock fishes

  15. When first I saw the rating I taught mitto is going to play blunders but mitto is the real deal

  16. I tried it alone then with 101% assist and it won both times

  17. Run!! Run!! The A.I is taking over Run!!

  18. That 1 ain’t a rating that’s a rank, a rank from an alien universe where chess is everything

  19. mittens plays with your mind then makes you look like a fool

  20. You called that person "it" that's how you know "that thing" is something else😭

  21. "I see no god up here, OTHER THAN ME!"

  22. ой блядь до слёз))))))
    когда Лёва упал под кресло меня просто порвало ахахааахаа))))

  23. Stockfish vs a so called “worthy opponent”

  24. It is because that is not the kitten
    It is comp playing at 25 max

  25. I played to mittens to and he is a monster 👹 😭

  26. I knew that bloke was a dangerous one when I noticed he came right after catspurrov!

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