Magnus Carlsen has never Seen This Opening ever in his chess career

Magnus Carlsen has never Seen This Opening ever in his chess career
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  1. My man made villager sound at the start 💀

  2. 3:15 the fact that magnus carlsen missed a winning mone by moving his knight to g5 and the queen to h7 if black blocks with the bishop you simply capture it if black moves the pawn h6 which is an excellent move but you can still checkmate black by sacrificing the KNIGHT!! Move you knight to e6 captured the bishop if black recaptures with the pawn move you queen to g3 attacking the pawn it doesn't matter what black moves except the knight if he blocks it simply capture with the queen btw lets get back to capturing the pawn to g6 after capturing the pawn the bishop is pinned on the king after that move your bishop to d3 and like i said it doesn't matter what black moves if black captures you bishop just recapture with you rookand if black moves their rook to d8 move your rook to d4 protecting his rook brother it doesn't matter what black moves just sacrifice you rook by capturing the black's rook and check the only thing can black move is by capturing with the queen and after that just recapture back and checkmate

  3. If I played against Magnus, he would be shocked by how I play (I don't know any moves, I just know I need to check the king)

  4. what chess website does he use??? Like what is that website he using in the video?

  5. Play 600 elo. You'll see a lot of openings you've never seen before

  6. I'm new to chess can someone tell me why he doesn't take the blacks knight on e5 with his knight at 1:47

  7. Can someone tell me why they resigned so fast? It didn’t look like they were for sure being sucked into some huge exchange and they were just a pawn down.

  8. Magnus: you made it to the middle game…well done.

  9. If I were Magnus's oponent, he will be confused his whole life

  10. He aligned his knights, rooks together where his bishop and queen can keep on eating. Btw I don't play chess.

  11. Isn’t it just a standard sisilian defense?

  12. Hikaru played this opening with white recently against Magnus

  13. I could beat this magnus guy easily.
    Step 1. Bring my pawn up to get a second queen.
    Step2. DOMINATE!

  14. It is quite funny how he is sort of explaining how to play as if it's easy and simple but he is actually playing the best possible moves.

  15. ดีย์เจคำนวนแม่น says:

    He's handsome not only nerd lol

  16. Me wondering why magnus didn't play knight g5

  17. Magnus: "ingenious opening"
    Me: "Huh? I do that all the time with random openings, what is so special about that?"

  18. imagine being greatesr player, you look down on everybody, but still humble though

  19. What if night goes to g5 and then queen H7 ? I’m new to chess btw

  20. At 1:41 couldn’t you just move the night to g5 and the next move king to h7 and checkmate

  21. At 1:06 Why is knight takes knight not possible for white? Black's dark bishop x-rays it but I can't see any crazy discover tactics with the other knight but I'm sure it's not a blunder

  22. Stop the funniest part of this video is actually this opening is actually kind of common and really solid. The full name of this opening is King's Indian Attack, Yugoslav variation. I use it on a daily basis. no like im fr im not cap.

  23. Imagine if Magnus became an Army Commander

  24. When Magnus goes Qh4, why doesn't he instead capture the e5 knight at (1:05) ?

  25. I'd have no chance against either one of them 😭 a lot of times with chess videos I can guess what the players are going to do, but then I watch Magnus and I'm looking at some small threat and then he does something entirely different and I'm like "Oh…..that's better… 😳"

  26. it was just a not-perfect King's Indian Defense, he really never saw it?

  27. Artificial as in engine or not very effective ?

  28. Magnus is one of the reasons aliens aren't invading. They fear his counter move.

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