Magnus Carlsen inventing New Chess Opening Theory

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Bogdan-Daniel Deac – Magnus Carlsen
Game Result 0-1

Stream with World Champion Magnus Carlsen on lichess
The time control is 1 minutes for all moves.

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  1. why Magnus starting with 3 min, and his opponent with 1.5 min?

  2. Opponent: “Magnus is thinking. Hmm… maybe he’s not familiar with this opening 😈”
    Magnus: Takes half a minute to laugh at the move! 😂

  3. Poor guy, thought he could move queen on move 2 and even berserk against fucking magnus

  4. magnus dropping larry david references lol

  5. He won't see his rook is hanging hahaha

  6. Why does magnus start with double the time?

  7. 2:56 did magnus say "don't listen to the retards"? If so that is in bad taste.

  8. Magnus need to invent a butt plug counter gambit.

  9. Me: hello there 3:07 if you move your king to F8 or F1 then take rook The queen hast to take back then the king will take the queen do you not say this is correct I know that it’s wrong it’s just that it’s weird and I just just noticed it oh God I just repeated two words I need to literally destroy this whole sentence oh man honestly I have nothing else to talk about chess games

  10. Question from a chess noob, at 1:08 why didn't Magnus move Bxc3, destroying the white king's pawn protection. It just seems like such an obviously strong move to me… stockfish disagrees, ofc, but I'm wondering if someone has any insight.

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