Magnus Carlsen Popularized this Chess Gambit! #MCCP #chess #chessopenings #chesstricks #chesstrap

Magnus Carlsen Popularized this Chess Gambit when he played it Against Anand. #MCCP #chess #chessopenings #chesstricks #chesstrap


  1. Kasihan lawannya….gak pernah minum air sama sekali….

  2. Black move the Queen, before knight and Bishop development ? OMG, …At least you can hold him any longer..

  3. Honestly I don't care about queen or rook as long as I have knights rook and queen only good for finishing but fpr hunting knight is beast even if u lose other pieces if u still have knights u can easily come back

  4. Why did he resign he can still win with those pieces…

  5. parang may kulang? hindi uminom si coach hahaha bago manalo haha jk nauna yung inom nya ngayon haha

  6. Он вообще проигрывает когда нибудь?

  7. Creo que ahora sí era una chelita lo que traía.

  8. Está vez no le dieron ni tiempo a que beba 😂

  9. Hitam maju pion lah buat jalan Mentri.. GBL*K

  10. क्या चक मैट हुआ

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