Magnus Carlsen’s 5 Most Brilliant Chess Moves

Join GM Simon Williams as he breaks down the best moves from Magnus Carlsen, the world chess champion since 2013. Carlsen is set to defend his title in late 2020.

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  1. There is no more amazement than watching someone who knows how to play the game of chess. I play something, though it's not this same game of chess. Wow, the best of all time it's really difficult to disagree.

  2. I got 2,3,4,5 I just looked for spots to sac pieces and checks

  3. Great content! presented in a great way
    Please do more

  4. Aside from the first one, I was actually able to find all of these moves! Now… how do I get myself there to actually be able to use this skill? lmao

  5. Guys to be bonest i found 4 of 5 them , (maybe because i now knew there is surely a very brilliant move )
    Maybe they were not that much hard now
    But when you play alone and you have no idea of what is going on
    These moves are in another lvl

  6. Do all things you can hypocrites ,,,run is for your life ..l..

  7. Do all things you can hypocrites ,,,run is for your life ..l..

  8. delectable medley of footballing splendour says:

    Magnus' chess is poetry

  9. Since I know the top 5 moves are all gonna be crazy moves that superficially don't make sense, I immediately look for sacrifices or nonsensical attacks and start analysing them to find the move magnus player, and I found all of them, not just the move, but the whole sequence and how it wins, except for the first game, I could've analysed that position for 200 years and I would've never seen the queen sacrifice if my life depended on it, simply stunning, magnus is literally the GOAT 🐐 he makes it seem so easy

  10. I tried to guess everyone of them and still couldn't guess correctly

  11. I can’t believe this last one is mate in 2 but only if you sacrifice the queen for nothing is just astounding to me

  12. Stop with the weird sounds and pathetic animations.

  13. How many moves can he perceive in a game man that's awesome. I can anticipate 2 to 3 moves only but damn he is able to anticipate almost 10 moves

  14. im so good i precited the third one and im like not even 100 rated even for the right reason

  15. third one was easy even for me a like 800 rated player easy mate

  16. The last one was easy but just imagine the pressure he must have had.

  17. In the first game, if Rxa7, afte the 'hoovering' up of blacks pieces, Kxe5 is an even game. Black even has tempo with the knight attacking the bishop and rook attacking A2 pawn.

  18. Carlsen is one of the best players, my point of view is Garry Kasparov is greatest of all time.. vishy carlsen bobby fisher are some of the greatest

  19. Guysss I saw the last one Hahahah even if I’m stoned rn howw

  20. I don't know how, but I found 4 of them. I am literally 1200!

  21. To be fair, checks and captures are literally the first moves you're supposed to calculate in any position.

    With this in mind, all those moves are pretty obvious.
    The actual magic is he planned those positions 10 moves ahead.

  22. I’m so happy that I got 3 of them, the fact that this kid was in middle school playing godlike moves amazes me!

  23. Magnus is the greatest chess player of all time, followed by Gary Kasparov and Bobby Fischer

  24. i guessed the last 3 but the first two were amazing

  25. well I guessed 4 out of these but I have just 1500 rating 😄 I think it's more about how you create that position and if you can see that chances earlier. brilliant game in general ❤️

  26. I got 3 examples correct the first was very out of my league and the second one was obvious but I overlooked that there was a bishop.

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