Magnus Carlsen’s 5 Most Brilliant Chess Moves

Join GM Simon Williams as he breaks down the best moves from Magnus Carlsen, the world chess champion since 2013. Carlsen is set to defend his title in late 2020.

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  1. love you analogies like the hoover and the space invader… should be official names in chess

  2. the first one with queen sacrificed to the rook seemed like what many would do, since its obvious you can check next and have a horse and a vulnerable king. But couldn't the opponent just move the horse to G3 defend the rook??

  3. Why did a 1200 like me find all of these

  4. I got the last one by guessing completely. Cause I said what is the most ridiculous sacrifice…

  5. Iam 10 time to watch this video cuz i like the commentator gm

  6. I liked the castle I thought that was bloody brilliant

  7. I think example 3 is easy to spot. I'm 1100 and I think I'd see that in a game. There are definitely much more impressive moves from Magnus's repertoire.

  8. I am 600 rank and I guessed Magnus moves 4/5 idk how the hell lol.

  9. AMAZING games. And fantastic, fun, commentary Simon. Hope to see more of you. Thank you.

  10. 2:45 iam 500 elo player i guessed that too ☺️ that was a easy puzzle

  11. Anytime a Grand Master gives up his/her Queen……You are already beaten!

  12. Im horrible at the game, and somehow I found that first move

  13. Number 3 rolling stones Anastasia screamed in vain.

  14. i guessed 4/5 of them correctly and i’m “rated 600”. 😏

  15. In last game he was foolish instead of capturing the queen he may checkmate

  16. there were all pretty easy to find. And I often wonder about it. How is it that in my games I rarely spot such brilliancy. One thing might be, that my positions after opening might not necessarily lead to that, but also I don't think of every move as of puzzle mostly because I usually play quick games but also because with experience comes boredom.

  17. After i sac my queen I often end up shaking my opponents hand also

  18. I'd really like to see him conjuring up some of his brilliant moves against Stockfish. Does anyone know if he ever won against Stockfish ?

  19. I saw all the moves except for the one that involves castling. It's easy when you know there is an amazing move was played, but it's hard to see when you're playing!

  20. 3.53 black buship takes Castle.
    Then black Bishop, Castle 5 pawns

    Vs white queen 3 pawns. Not resign territory is it?

  21. "What stunning move did Magnus play?"


  22. Magnus Carlsen sacrifices his Queen 👑 wins the game. 🎮
    Sacrifices the King wins your life☠️

  23. Bro I can't even beat myself in chess😭

  24. omg first move was so brilliant i was shocked.i will defenitely think about it on every game

  25. I saw all of the moves that magnus played (1300 Fide)

  26. I was feeling shitty today about how I’ve been stuck at 1800s for the last 6 months.. but after getting all the combinations right, I can go back to doing my school assignment happily 🙂

  27. He can probably beat me with just his pawn and king.

  28. I've evolved my losing streaks lately.
    Instead of letting better players check mate me in humiliating style i just knock my queen down in my first move say check mate and walk away.

    My losing streaks are better than ever now and i feel it's still improving.

  29. Hahahahaha Magnus Carlsen looks funny haha ​​😂😂😂😂 but he kind of looks cute 😂😂 I can't stop laughing I don't know 😂😂😂😂

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