Magnus Carlsen’s favorite Opening: Ruy Lopez

The Ruy Lopez is a chess opening that’s played by Magnus Carlsen, Bobby Fischer and Garry Kasparov. It’s one of the strongest chess openings and it will help you win more games of chess. Subscribe if you want more chess content.

The Photo of Magnus Carlsen (in the thumbnail of this video) by Andreas Kontokanis is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0).
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  1. What if the opponent does not play e5 c6 and white still proceeds with ruy lopez

  2. Please do a damiano gambit its really useful
    just dominated a guy with it

  3. Огромное спасибо за контент! Очень познавательно, мемно и интересно😊

  4. Thank you! I just had a opening accuracy of 100% as black and defeated my opponent after he made a brilliant move.

  5. Damn Magnus picked a super boring opening as his fave 🥱
    But it’s solid and fun to play, and good tutorial as always

  6. Thank you so much!! Im spanish like the Ruy López opening jajaja Your videos are so funny and so educational, please continue with this wonderful job. 💪😜

  7. great video can you please do a sicilian one

  8. yoi got to 1400 elo using that opening. Now i am a 1731 elo

  9. Hands down, this is the best flipping chess teaching video I ever saw in three years. I absolutely love your channel and videos. Keep it up!

  10. At 12:10 why doesn’t black just push a pawn to attack the queen? Seems like a decent move

  11. Answer for 9:22 – I would place the rook on e3 to counter attack on knight.

  12. Those top players have deep knowledge about the theory of this type of chess opening but a noob who don't know what is chess opening and watching these vedios is simply being gone to crush in their opponents hand.

  13. "monkeys are intelligent enough to speak but they hide it to avoid paying taxes" – ChessPage1

  14. Doing an opening video on THE SPANISH, one of the most complicated and theory full openings ever. Very brave, much respect

  15. My friend just studied how to counter it bruh

  16. When are you going to show the cum gambit?

  17. I beat michaelangelo bot in chess thanks to this explanation. Ty so much

  18. Please make more videos, my 800 elo brain is too small when I watch GMs explaining it all (it's also less entertaining).

  19. We can't download this YouTube video.😢

  20. I have been playing the Ruy Lopez my whole life, and it's pretty much how I conceptualize it. The Ruy "storyline" is very easy to follow once you know the key ideas… Awesome video 👍, that's the vid I will recomment to people saying the Ruy is too complicated… (…hi there Levy!…)

  21. Why can't I go Qe2 or d2 to protect the pawn faster?

  22. Can’t wait to use it in a game and completely forget all game plans.

  23. Albert Einstein played this opening against Robert Oppenheimer and won🗿

  24. 03:48 why does the knight have to retreat, what if they defend it with one of the pawns?

  25. My god, i love your vids! Thank you for creating.

  26. This gives me Disguised Toast Vibes 🤔 Love it !!

  27. i love that brain guy character does he have a name?

  28. As a beginner, I find the middle game really fking inapplicable as by the time I get there against my bot friends, they have made countless weird ass moves.

  29. This is a phenomenal guide. I hope you plan to do more in future! I'd love one covering the Scotch Game or King's Gambit, but from this video I'm sure whatever you put out will be immensely helpful.

  30. 2:19 – Berlin defense variation THEORY (Knight attacks the center pawn)
    3:34 – Berlin defense, but knight takes the "free" center pawn, after that it retreats
    4:24 – How to play the middle game THEORY with two pawns
    5:25 – How to play the middle game THEORY 2, The gameplan
    6:36 – Game 1 ( example ), Berlin defense, Pawn sacrifice
    8:19 – Game 2, Berlin defense, Bishop got attacked 1 time and it retreated one time back (then later 2nd time), No pawn sacrifice
    The end

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