Magnus Carlsen’s favorite Opening: Ruy Lopez

The Ruy Lopez is a chess opening that’s played by Magnus Carlsen, Bobby Fischer and Garry Kasparov. It’s one of the strongest chess openings and it will help you win more games of chess. Subscribe if you want more chess content.

The Photo of Magnus Carlsen (in the thumbnail of this video) by Andreas Kontokanis is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0).
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  1. I have been playing this without knowing it’s the Ruy Lopez. After I found out, I thought why not learn how to actually play it. So I watched some guides and didn’t understand anything besides memorizing a couple moves. For those who haven’t watched other guides: This guide is so easy, it’s insane.

  2. Finally I’ve been wanting to Learn it

  3. Yes i became obsessed to chess with this channel

  4. First comment and it feels illegal to be this early

  5. i love this guy, bro has the perfect edits and everything to engage someone. literally salute to u bro!

  6. Wouldnt his favorite opening be the Carlsen Sicillian?

  7. Been waiting for this. ChessPage1 is the only reason I (mostly) know the Caro-Kann

  8. брух Саша. давай зіграєм

  9. Commenting for the algorithm, love what you’re doing here! The channel growth is already so good, hope you blow up even more! You definitely deserve it with all the work you put into your videos.

  10. Isn't Magnuses fav opening the catalan

  11. good video but the spanish is really hard and theorethicly built opening so its hard where to begin and how to explain, ur did a really good job on doing that but nobody can always be 100% good at everything

  12. Please do the Italian game ❤ I love your videos

  13. What you can say about Hippopotamus defense?

  14. Actual good, I could learn a complicated opening in a 15 minute video !!

  15. Okay 10/10. Now just apply this exquisite way of explaining to all my favourite openings. Here is a list:

    – Caro Kann
    – Four knights scotch

    I dont have anything else. kthanksbyeloveu <3

  16. Is there a caro kann version of this video?

  17. What about ne7 defending the knight with another knight

  18. Please let's make movie Halloween Gambit but with Ng6 or/and Bb4 defence

  19. Great opening, but not recommended for players below 1000 elo.

  20. There's only one problen – The Marshall attack

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