MAGNUS shows how to play the RUY LOPEZ opening

In this instructional banter blitz, Magnus Carlsen the World Chess Champion plays the Ruy Lopez, one of the most popular opening as white showing how to play the position.

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  1. How to get this theme? I guess this is chess 24

  2. there was one tactic there which lost him the night…. there's one way of saying it

  3. Can anyone explain why the e4 pawn is untouchable from the knight in the beginning?

  4. Less than minute left and Magnus is very relaxed, all the time in the world lol

  5. I’m Mexican so I call this the George Lopez opening.

  6. This opening has too many moves to mate. I like mate in 3 hehe

  7. After Nd5 (at 5:41) , KxK, QxN? What am I missing? Please forgive my chess notation.

  8. Imagine being yon and finding that clip on youtube to have a free chess coaching

  9. I dont understand Black's Knight to D5 and the importance of what his opponent couldve done with that his explanation was hard to follow can someone please help explain thanks

  10. Magnus is a real genius – the ease with which he explains move and is in control of his own game simultaneously is quite something to see. He certainly make this win seem and sound very easy – have played this kind of game 100s of times…his opponent also played quite well – but Magnus thinks like a GM all the time !!!…

  11. Black was doing really well until he dropped a Knight for no reason. Nerves?

  12. 4:35 is a Blunder so horrendous that Nxd5 is a discover attack on a5 Knight.

  13. What stops black from Nxe4, after white castles? I have to assume it's Qe2, am I right?

  14. Prince Fernandez is a showman and a scholar. And hero. I simply cant hang.

  15. "dont know who that is"

    Sometimes he don't realize how arrogant he sounds.

  16. Y’all did him dirty af with that thumbnail though

  17. Yon: crap, I just hung my knight…
    Magnus: Ohh, he's got an impressive trap!
    Yon: …I have an impressive trap!

  18. Your'e GODnus Carlsen and your username is magzyBogues 🏀 😂

  19. My 200 elo ass would've taken the queen and if he took knight with rook, push rook to E8 check and mate with queen on H8 but there's winning and then there's forcing resign XD

  20. b3 by CM war a mistake. He had to take the knigth immediatly , but the opponent saw nothing

  21. I hope one day I can read a board even a fraction as good as Magnus.

  22. He would have save himself for a little bit longer here 8:11 if he would move pawn to F6 instead of king.

  23. Imagine you're almost 22 1000 you run up on a player who's 3200 like what?.

    That's like a top high school prospect walking in a gym to play 101 and Michael Jordan's in there. Just insanity

  24. me: take the queen with the knight
    magnus: qg7#

  25. “MagzyBogues” he knows 90s basketball.

  26. Hello G.M. How did you learned chess? Did you learned first all the openings and their meaning, or you just learned first to solve positional/chess puzzles?

  27. That’s a fantastic effort against the world’s finest. Be proud of that loss! Beautiful game.

  28. I need to learn this game and get decent how long does it take

  29. 5th move white castles … Why doesn't black take the pawn at E5 with his knight?

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