Magnus TEACHES How to win with the CATALAN OPENING

Magnus Carlsen vs Messi in Titled Tuesday 28 February 2023
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Video created by: Filmora10
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  1. Alternative title: This is what happens when you go into the endgame against Magnus

  2. After certain moves, the super GM recalls similarities from games that he played in the past. I never had that kind of revelation in my play. Maybe I need to look more into that.

  3. I won like 5 straight games using this opening lol

  4. Да уж, после конь h4 сразу увидеть, что в конце варианта теряется конь.. Сильно

  5. I like the whale variation, plays quite similar.

  6. You kinda look like Shrek when he drank the handsome potion in Shrek 2

  7. A more accurate title would be "Magnus comes back from a bad OP " huh?

  8. he doesn't have a plan but he has positional skills

  9. Why didnt black take the C4 pawn that was hanging at 0:20

  10. Yeah, that's like Frankenstein magic, breathing a little life into that hopeless mess.

  11. "No generalizations based on nationality…"😢😴😒
    "…on stream"😎😎😈🥵

  12. At 0:19, why Magnuses pawn at C4 wasn't captured by the black pawn on D5?

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