Master Chess Openings in 6 Minutes: GM Tips, Tricks, Principles, Strategies, Tactics, Ideas & Moves

Openings are by far the most important phase in the game of chess. Strategy is the key to master a chess opening. If you make mistakes in the opening against an experienced player, you can immediately concede an advantage in the first few moves! To win a chess game, it is important that you start off well. The idea behind the opening is to develop your pieces fast & prepare a solid game plan to beat your opponent. In order to master the opening, you need to follow some basic chess principles & guidelines. In this video, you will learn the secret tactics & strategies that grandmasters use to play their opening moves. These are some of the best chess moves you can play in the opening. Use these chess tricks to win fast against highly rated players. Follow these 6 principles & you can easily master the chess openings (be it white or black).
1. Develop your pieces
2. Occupy the center
3. Exert pressure on the center
4. Don’t play the same piece twice in the beginning
5. Don’t bring your queen out too early
6. Castle as soon as possible

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  1. But sir chess asap me opponent jaldi block kar deta he, a 6no tips as soon as possible tik nehi he.

  2. Hi friend..
    Kindly suggest 5 best opening for white and 5 best opening for black..with a video as opening is a crucial part of game..
    Thank u..

  3. Hi my name is Amit. I need some chess tips and tricks to think and attack the opponent compitator easily by reading his moves plz make a video on this plz plz plz plz

  4. can you make video on black staring strategy that may be helpful for me…

  5. If oppent opens with knight which best move for black

  6. An Exemption to that rule of not moving a piece twice is the fried liver attack, where the knight moves two times consecutively

  7. Clear, organized and to the point. Great video! I’m glad I found this channel.

  8. I love this channel I am learning how to develop my pieces and to win the match my whole family has subscribe

  9. Very good tips sir, I like your channel, it tells me very good tips and tricks

  10. Middle game principles and endgame principles please

  11. i did/do everything you said to do in the opening can you come up with more ideas/better ideas ? thanks

  12. How come you never make videos from the black perspective

  13. Tomorrow is my chess tornament and I hope your videos will help me win

  14. Essential things that I ever forget in my game

  15. Very useful information….you explain very well with clear instructions. Simple and too the point…..most seem to carry away from the basics of the game and explain how they played it, who played and when…….if we need examples then else where is up for the search. U dive rite in to explaining what needs to be heard….thank you for your time to teach very well..

  16. i want to play with you sir.
    jusy give me any source to play with you

  17. You are just too good. Do you give chess coaching to children? If yes than please tell me I want to get chess coaching from you personally

  18. U just simply made it
    Good quality voice and quality tips

  19. Thanks for these easy and important tips and tricks sir this will really helpful for me for my today compitition.

  20. Castled king can easily be attacked by any supported power pieces … Like Queen supported by Bishop or knight etc . And eventually may lead to checkmate.

  21. Can this be applied on dota auto chess also?

  22. 5:10 Or if an opponent's piece threaten the king, rook, or any squares in between them

  23. I'm preparing for a chess tournement and i want to learn how to win every game and keep my composure.? Any ideas

  24. thala vera level best channel so it is hit like

  25. Sir please tell us a trick to defend powerful players

  26. I am a Chess lover… I didn't even thought chess was interesting until two years ago. Last year, when there was a tournament in our school, my father taught me the basic rules and I started playing. And now, I have learnt so much from this channel. From easiest basics to the toughest tactics, this channel made everything clear for me. This channel and the creator, Jeetandra Advani, deserves a lot of thanks. Thank you for keeping me inspired☺️.

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