Master Chess Openings in 6 Minutes: GM Tips, Tricks, Principles, Strategies, Tactics, Ideas & Moves

Openings are by far the most important phase in the game of chess. Strategy is the key to master a chess opening. If you make mistakes in the opening against an experienced player, you can immediately concede an advantage in the first few moves! To win a chess game, it is important that you start off well. The idea behind the opening is to develop your pieces fast & prepare a solid game plan to beat your opponent. In order to master the opening, you need to follow some basic chess principles & guidelines. In this video, you will learn the secret tactics & strategies that grandmasters use to play their opening moves. These are some of the best chess moves you can play in the opening. Use these chess tricks to win fast against highly rated players. Follow these 6 principles & you can easily master the chess openings (be it white or black).
1. Develop your pieces
2. Occupy the center
3. Exert pressure on the center
4. Don’t play the same piece twice in the beginning
5. Don’t bring your queen out too early
6. Castle as soon as possible

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  1. Maybe your right or else our piece will cramed.🤓

  2. Iam asking it freely why can't you upload without another back ground

  3. Beautiful tutorial. Really well planned out and incredibly useful. Thanks very much!

  4. How to checkmate in 4 moves
    I am a state player
    I cannot know to real perfect checkmate please tell next viedo

  5. Dude this is helping me a lot! tomorrow i have a chess tournament and this helped!

  6. How should one start in a state level game for under 17 players

  7. This is real good yet i disagree. Once you reach a maximum rating of 1500, you can expert, at worst, decent players who you can expect have practiced some openings. Hence, this video is appropriate only for beginners and not intermediate or advanced.

  8. Hi. I could suggest #7 on the list – To be cautious of chess opening "traps". …Sometimes, it is a little "tricky" to find an opponent's trap (or bait) that a player falls for. ……….Maybe even suggest #8 on the list – To find the BEST possible move on the chess board. This takes PRACTICE (and sometimes deep, experienced thinking). ……..GREAT channel.

  9. Epic!
    Checkmated my school chess teacher 3x

  10. But Sir if we can gambit in either 2nd or 3rd move so what we have to do gambit or occupy the center and follow principles

  11. I'm a university chess team coach and these principles are rock solid. I would add that you must take advantage of a weaker player if they fail to apply these rules in the opening. I've seen many try to attack the wings with pawn to a4 and rook to a3, for example. That doesn't work. Three more things: 1) Force the other king to move, preventing castling. I tell my players that if you don't castle you will lose. A good sacrifice to get the king moving will speed you to victory 2) Trade queens. Weaker players love their queen and can suffer mental defeat if she is gone. I learned this around age five playing my father in chess. He was completely demoralized if he lost his queen. 3) Love your pawns. They aren't just those "pieces in the way". When you get to the endgame and you have six pawns to the other guy's two pawns you have an easy win.

  12. how to defend e4 when we play with black

  13. I want to see more checkmate videos and opening strategy videos.

  14. I am a great fan of your channel, It's amazing.

  15. It is very important to beginners like me

    Keep on providing simple and short video for beginners

  16. Hey Please tell do i onow which side to Castle

  17. whats the blacks best move or opening against d4 … Queens pawn.

    i always loose when my opponent play that

  18. Not compalsary to use all the troops I can win the game even with one queen n king

  19. Why do occuping the Center is important instead of exchanging the piece????

  20. Thanks bro i beat level 10 bot with this

  21. I recommend you make more videos from black's perspective

  22. I like your tricks…. awesome…
    Aadwani G plz. Send me your mob. No. Plz plz…..
    Nd tell me about rook nd knight….

    One rook is better
    one knight + one pawn is better….
    Nd if u dont wanna give me your mob. No.
    So, plz call me this no. 8475838474 or 7017844652
    Plz call me. Iam waiting…

  23. Sir, please explain about bird opening

  24. Sir what is Asap? Kya e as soon as possible .

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