Most Common Chess Opening MISTAKE | Key Tactical Pattern

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will share with you the most common chess opening mistake ever. This opening error has been played in more than 2.4 millions of chess games!

You will learn how to avoid making this opening mistake yourself and how to punish your opponents when they make this most common opening mistake.

It happens in one of the most common chess opening positions after the moves 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.Bc4. It also happens in other openings – therefore, you simply have to remember this key, common tactical pattern to punish this blunder!

► Chapters

00:00 Most common chess opening mistake EVER!
00:29 This mistake happened in 2.4M+ games
02:10 Winning position for Black
03:23 If White plays 6.Bb5 instead of 6.Bxd5
05:36 If White plays 5.Bxf7+ instead of 5.Nxe4
08:39 White’s best response
09:44 Same tactical pattern for White
10:10 Tricky move 3.Be2, setting the trap

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  1. You helped me by telling this trick.This trick will be useful for my upcoming games.

  2. Excellent many thanks. I’ve been in that position before and made a mess of it!😂

  3. The tactical pattern is just amazing 🔥
    Please make a video on "How to crush the French Defence as White" 🙏 🙏

  4. what about: 6.Bd3 dxe4 7.Bxe4 Nd4 8.Nxd4 exd4 ?

  5. I can confirm that this trap is the one that most players fell for.
    I did it to a lot of players and it I really enjoyed it! Thanks to you!

  6. 9:06 there is a barbarian attack variation there. Instead of taking the knight, you can play f5, which is not the best move, but your opponents will be so much surprised.

  7. I think this channel is gonna grow very quickly

  8. Your English pronunciation leaves a lot to be desired

  9. People don't flip the board enough. It makes sense to teach both sides of an opening.

  10. I love your commentary and teaching skills. THANK YOU!!!!!😇

  11. What if before taking the Black Knight by White Knight, take the Pawn first by Bishop and Check the King… To lose the Castling….

  12. The first one isn't too bad. I bet even a game between strong players would continue.

  13. I play Nb4 after Bd3 instead of rushing to capture the knight because I always have e4 if the knight moves (forking the 2 pieces)

  14. I have learnt a lot from your videos and improved a lot in my games

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  16. What if they play like a reverse Stafford gambit

  17. Can that be used in other openings other than the 4 knights? If yes, that would make for a great follow up video.

  18. NOT a mistake. It's a completely viable way to play the position, It's no worse than 4.d4 or 4.Bb5. You just have to know how to follow up.

  19. this is…the "classic bishop opening"…the move is not to be made on move 4…bring it out on move 2…and bash into the kingside…then have at it

  20. I love this tactic but inevitably I will now go play chess and no one will move their bishop out to c4!

  21. 8:40, or spot the error and don’t take the pawn, instead moving bishop back to e2 or b3

  22. I disagree. as a king's gambit player, LIVE for Bxf7+ followed by Ne5+ or Ng5+ and throwing my queen in for rapid attacks. i hate NOT being able to play Nf3 & Bc4. not gonna listen to ya! NOPE! letting your opponent pawn fork you is lazy. I'm a tactician. i see THAT, if not positional nuances.

  23. If you listen to this without looking at the video, doesn't he sound just like garry kasparov?

  24. Thanks for this great video!! Some of my opponents are older players, and they always play E4-E5. I am looking forward to chess club tonight!😂

  25. Still watching and learning and winning more games!!! THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU ARE DOING TO PROMOTE THE GAME OF CHESS!!!!😇

  26. the engine has told me to play this exact combo countless times and I never understood why until now. I thought the bishop check in-between that you showed refuted it but clearly not. thank you, this will really change how I open the game

  27. What do you do if white plays Bishop to C4 before Knight to C3?
    Which gives him time to play D3 or D4 afterwards before you can play Knight takes E4?

  28. Actually one thing you can do is to let Black grab the pawn and just castle, inviting a superior reversed Stafford. Won a nice game like this.

  29. After Nf6 captures e4, Bf7 check is also a line. So calling Bc4 a mistake is right on the margin of being dubious.

  30. 5:55 Bxf7+ after Ne4 looks good, but as you say, d5 spoils the fun.

  31. I had a chess friend that used to develop this way every single game, so once I took a look into engine to see this exact tactic to make him play other way xdd

  32. "bishop is stronger than knight overall"??………….

  33. I have never pursued this opening personally but it presents some interesting possibilities. Thank you for presenting this video so I know what to look for in future matches. Also the possibility to bait my opponent when given the opportunity. Well presented.

  34. I really enjoy your videos. Is there anything good about the move Bc4 after 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nf6? it obviously avoids lots of nasty traps but is it sound? Can't find anything about anywhere!

  35. This doesn't seem to be a mistake, just a tricky opening.

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