Most Common Chess Opening Mistakes After 1.e4 e5 (in 133 Million Games!)

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you the most common chess opening mistakes after the opening moves 1.e4 e5. These mistakes have been made by chess players in over 133 million games!

Most of your opponents are likely to make these mistakes (falling into the trap) as they are the most natural-looking and most commonly played moves. Therefore, you should know how to punish them.

► Chapters

00:00 Most Common Chess Opening Mistakes (133 million games)
00:12 Mistake-5: Ponziani Opening
01:47 Mistake-4: Fried Liver Attack
02:50 Mistake-3: Three Knights Opening 
04:07 Mistake-2: Anti-Fried Liver Defense 
06:10 Mistake-1: Philidor Defense

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  1. whatever you changed with your voice audio, it sounds worse, and is quieter than before. The sound is muffled and less defined.Love your content, longtime subscriber !

  2. GM Smirnov is easily the best chess teacher I have seen on Youtube. The way he explains complex chess ideas in such a simple and elegant way is genius. I have only watched a few of his videos and have already had several epiphanies.

  3. The Philidor defence is not the most popular nowadays, but is still regularly played by GMs. Are you saying all these top players are making a noob mistake?

  4. Do you ever play games online that we can watch? If you streamed, I would watch.

  5. Finally now I understand why engine suggest that

  6. GM Igor,
    One quick question… what is better? A "book" move? Or a "best" move?
    thank you

  7. nice shoot, never thought before in chess,
    created similar topic about chess on my channel, any feed back is appreciate,
    thank you, all the best

  8. Idk if it is me, but the audio sounds really muffled

  9. The Mistakes is too Mistake that the thumbnail spelled "Msitakes" 😂

  10. Mistake-3 alternative moves: 4. Nxe5 Bxf2+ 5. Kxf2 Nxe5

  11. If I'm making the same mistakes as grandmasters, I am ok with that.

  12. ► Chapters

    00:00 Most Common Chess Opening Mistakes (133 million games)

    00:12 Mistake-5: Ponziani Opening

    01:47 Mistake-4: Fried Liver Attack

    02:50 Mistake-3: Three Knights Opening

    04:07 Mistake-2: Anti-Fried Liver Defense

    06:10 Mistake-1: Philidor Defense

  13. This is our time to take advantages of people's mistakes

  14. So good!!😺
    I really love your videos, keep up the amazing content!

  15. thank you very much sir… me and my opponent often make these mistakes but we both do not know how to punish this mistakes

  16. Hey there. Just wanted to let you know the sound quality isnt as good as your other videos

  17. Nice video! But I think you spelled mistakes wrong in the thumbnail.

  18. the email you sent me misspelled mistakes.

  19. this is becoming my daily routine watching your videos! please never stop uploading🙏🏼

  20. Just comenting to warn you there is a typo on the thumbnail!! Also love your content, you deserve all your success!! Wish you the best man

  21. 3:52

    Black can actually do counterplay here by offering a queen trade instead of losing a rook. The move is ..

  22. Excellent video, as always. A simple challenge for you — just one time would you pronounce the word variation correctly? Just as a curiosity. Not "vur-a-shun" but "var-i-a-shun" — four syllables. Then resume saying it the way that's most comfortable for you, which is familiar and perfectly fine. Again, great videos, great themes and explanations!

  23. Next vid:how to counter bobby bo show's gambits

  24. This video needs more cats asleep in the background.

  25. Thank you once again,thus help me a lot.

  26. Please make a video on London opening variation

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