Most Important Chess Skill

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  1. Who else learned this from the midgame course?

  2. Most important skill is to not have butter fingers like me and accidentally blunder my queen

  3. Yes like that I will be able to tell even more than before that I'm losing.

  4. One time I was +309.6 without a forced mate. Does that mean I was up the equivalent of 310 pawns? That wouldn’t fit on the chessboard. You can convert them into queens or something but that’s 34 queens. Can you put 34 queens on a board without checkmating the opponent? I don’t think you can.

  5. People who don't know Chess:

    "Two pawns?"

  6. Making check or checkmate is the thing. You can be down 13-14 pieces for a checkmate, so don't over think chess.

  7. we just play chess. we have no clue what we’re doing

  8. The most important chess skill is to look at the board before moving your pieces. Surprising how many more people in 1100 hang pieces in one move than 900 from my experience

  9. My biggest tricks are usually capturing the king but that's just me

  10. Wait I found check mate with white front rook goes e8 black captures with rook captures black rook and that's checkmate

  11. Thanks, after watching this I made a move and I sacrificed… MY KINGGGG

  12. I had math in 1 on turn 11. I missed it, and proceeded to play another 36 moves before I won with 1 king and a queen, while my opponent only had his king. I also almost got Mated but my opponent missed it as well. Worse thing was that the threat of mate in 1 was still in the game for like 5 turns after that. We both missed it for so long, he didn’t even defend and I never attacked 😂😂😂

  13. Mr Levy Rozman. Your Russian is astonishingly good and absence of accent is stunning. How are you learning new languages? I want others compliment my Deutsch same as I compliment your russian

  14. I cannot be the only one who found that sweet mate in 3

  15. the most important skill in chess is not getting your queen destroyed by a bishop on the other side of the board

  16. it sounds like the position itself is worth 1 and the pawn is worth 1.

  17. You can win by trading the rooks and then the queen can just move next to the rook and it can be a checkmate so this is a huge advantage of white

  18. I sacrifice my KIIINNGGGG to protect queen

  19. the best chess skill is the sacrifice your king move

  20. I beat all my friends using the sicilian everytime

  21. The most important skill necessary in chess is patience.

    You're welcome.

  22. I'm so good at chess that I managed to find every single move other than the one that helps me the most.

  23. Im not that good of a chess player myself but this came with time for me after playing chess for a while i just instantly saw who was doing better no calculating

  24. Or learn how to sneak in a stockfish like hans

  25. The waffle house has spoken. Phase 2 initiated.

  26. White: Rook e8
    Black: Rook takes e8
    White: Rook takes e8 checkmate

  27. Лайк от Максима Чёрного

  28. Uhh white is up a pawn as white already has an extra pawn

  29. The most important thing is to play chess in order to win a chess match.

  30. White rook to e8 Black captures e8 and another white rook recaptures and its check mate

  31. Tbh you don't need this until like 1700 maybe 1500. If you have a material advantage in the lower ELO and you're not against a smurf. As long as you hold out and don't blunder you will likely win

  32. i kinda checkmated my cousin in 17 moves didnt know what i was doing but i did see an mate in 3 on my 14th move. dont know how this video relates to my comment but yes

  33. am i wrong ore could white slide his rooks down to e8 rook takes rook and the other rook goes down to e8 checkmate

  34. I've got a friend called Magnus Carlsen. Can i beat him using this technique, Levy?

  35. Can you make a viedeo for the scotch gambit

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