Most Practical and Useful Chess Tricks to Defeat Your Opponent! #MCCP #chess #Checkmate

Most Practical and Useful Chess Tricks to Defeat Your Opponent! #MCCP #chess #Checkmate #chessopenings #chesstricks


  1. Lawan2 nya gak ada yang berbobot sama sekali…….Lawan2nya kurang minum air dan tidak terlihat di kamera

  2. This is his fourth video where I see the wrong move. From where he took out rook in the end. That move is most critical and is falsely created in this video

  3. هو فى ٢ وزير فى الشطرنج واحد بره وواحد جوه هههههههههه 😂😂😂

  4. If you see this person start to stare at you and start drinking, just resign.

  5. Remove water bottle then I see what's results?😅

  6. Padahal kuda hitam masih bisa menutupi raja.. tapi GK di mnfaatkan

  7. i only knew the basic move of every piece. This is awesome. I will always watch these

  8. How he is won
    I don't know. No support to his Queen

  9. Finishing alone i can do lik him, jus drinking water

  10. In this ending I would have played c8 knight instead of moving the queen

  11. Should have just taken the pawn with a pawn

  12. Whenever i stumble on this channel

    Black plays the worst moves to begin with😂😂

    View chapne wala channel hai guyz mat dekho tine waste

  13. What if the guy knows how to play chess. Will Uncle ji still be able to beat?

  14. Required talaga uminom bago manalo e hahahahaha 😅😅✌🏻 di talaga nawawala consistent haha

  15. The Ponziani opening, a classic.

  16. Don't try this at home(such a 100 elo game)😂😂

  17. If you want to win against him
    Steal his water bottle

  18. The ponziani one of my favorite openings

  19. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 permainan yg lucu😅😅😅😅

  20. Какое у него звание ? Фамилия имя?

  21. Hathi ko kese mara or is ki qeen to king k paas hai na to 2 kahase aai

  22. Always ,when he thing he win ,he take bottle to drink

  23. Whenever u see ur opponent drinking just snatch the bottle

  24. Nice guy. Always a nice smile at the end

  25. Pembohongan besar…….. Banyak orang gila gara gara kepingin viral………

  26. lupet tlga ..lagi aq na nuod sa mga video neto

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