Nakhmanson Gambit: Chess Opening Traps To WIN FAST | Best Moves, Tricks, Tactics, Strategy & Ideas

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In this chess video, you will learn some crazy traps in the Nakhmanson Gambit. There are various chess opening tricks, strategies, gambits, moves, tactics and ideas that you can use to win fast. Here, I will show you the most beautiful traps for white, and also the best strategy for black to avoid falling for these traps. There are many variations in the Nakhmanson Gambit. This video is a tutorial on the best traps for white pieces in the most popular variations, and refutation for black pieces. The objective is that you don’t fall for these opening traps & use these tactics to gain an early advantage against your opponent. If you’re a beginner or an intermediate level player, these secret tips and tricks will help you in winning chess games against your friends & other players who have not seen such traps before. I also have an interesting chess puzzle at the end of this video, let’s see if you can solve that.

Video Chapters:
0:00 Nakhmanson Gambit – Setup
1:14 Pawn takes c3 variation – Traps for White
5:23 About Endel
6:37 Knight takes c3 variation – Traps for White
8:13 Best Strategies for Black
10:25 Chess Puzzle

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  1. I won 4 games with this gambit. Great one!

  2. Thanks . I also watch your traps openings and i like your all traps and videos.GOOD LUCK

  3. Who wanna challenge me I'm a grandmaster 😂

  4. Takes with the pawn then hes gone- best rhyme everrr

  5. I almost find alot of checkmates for black like knight c7 after to checkmate black rook and queen are enough to checkmate in all 3 variations. And yeah I am noob in chess as my rating is only 500 max to max I reached 600 in 5mins but yeah that's it.

  6. Puzzle:
    •White plays Ra7+ __ Black counters to Kb8
    •W:Knight Nd6(Queen&Rook targetted) ____Black plays his move to avoid the check
    •White plays Qb7#

  7. I have many drawbacks in this gambit .
    Contact me to know

  8. Easy mate
    Rook A7 then king move to b8 and then play the stunning move rook to a8 and whatever white moves it's a beautiful checkmate by the sweetie on a7

  9. Rook to a7 and the black king moves B8 and checkmate the king with queen by moving it to b7

  10. Please upload videos in Hindi please 🥺

  11. Sequence
    Ka8 takes rook
    Qa7 and checkmate

  12. If he takes with the pawn then he is gone
    Qg8 is a stunning checkmate

  13. Apart from Rxa8, another move could be
    Knight to c7 : Kb8;
    Knight to a6 : Ka8;
    Hola!!!Check Mate!

    Hope you like this.

  14. Rook to a7 then then Rook to a8 then if he capture it with king then white queen to a7# and if he capture the Rook with bishop then the white queen to a7# again a stunning checkmate

  15. But what if black does chesling after moving BC5?

  16. Rc7 and if Rxc7 then Qxh8+ and if Kb7 then Nd6+ and the queens gone

  17. The answer of the puzzle is Ra7+. Now if the king goes to b8, then we play a stunning move Ra8+, no matter which piece captures (either the king or the bishop, we simply play Qa7#.

  18. rook a7 black king b8 knight d6its a fork needs to keep the queen on danger then knight e4 thne queenb7

  19. Knight c7, if rook takes c7 queen takes rook(h8) it's a check King moves b7 then queen c8 and there will no way to stop.If rook doesn't take knight & King moves b8 then knight a6 King can't move to 7th row as it's pinned by rook so it moves back to a8 and the rook A7 and it's a checkmate.

  20. Moving Knight to c7 and when the black rook kill the knight and white rook will the black rook and when the black king moves in right direction because the king cannot go down because the rook is down so the king need to go right direction and moving Queen to h8 and I think it is a checkmate

  21. White Rook to a7, then black king is forced to b8. White Ra8 then either black captures the rook at a8 with king or bishop. Whichever case, white moves Queen to a7, checkmate

  22. When you expect your opponent to move the right black knight but instead goes for the pawn:

  23. Ra7+
    Kb8 (only legal move)
    Taking the rook with either the king or bishop still results in Qa7#

  24. Thanks I was able to beat mantua chase and Hilary in chess with only 2 moves,,,,

  25. Hi. Please do a video on how to counter the Sicilian defense

  26. My answer for the puzzle. Its Rxa7+, Kb8, Ra8+, Kxa8, Qa7#.

  27. E4 k baad E5 computers game b aajkal isse zyada chalakh hogaye hain

  28. The solution for the maze is the stunning rook to A7 check,king B8 is forced,then the queen goes to B7 the checkmate in only 2moves!!

  29. There are two good moves white can play,1.Ra7….if black king moves to b8 Qb7 is checkmate

  30. What if plays knight b4 after taking with rook

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