NASTY Chess Trap

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  1. Teoretikly they can block with a knight and then eat it with a queen but this is still a complete loss

  2. Queen a4 was more dirty because they can’t take the queen and it’s check they can block with knight but again it’s mate nasty af

  3. Sure is great but only work if the black follow this scheme. If not you are just close yourself. Plus Ponziani move C1 just destroy the defense line, knight cannot go outside to control the center.
    Queen gambit it's a best opening.

    Your video présentation is great to put a new hilight on chess game and promote it. Good job. I suscribed.👍♟️

  4. i would do the horse first before the queen so its blocked

  5. Never had a girl to come over
    jack in the box intensifys

  6. Did anybody notice that the knight could've blocked ?

  7. I just won a game with not exactly this, but very similar, I got the queen without even moving mine, he resigned almost immediately

  8. the knight can capture if black's queen plays C8 , but u would still win later on

  9. "When was the last time you felt the touch of a woman?"

  10. To block the promoted queen.. What if they use the horsey?

  11. the fact he said "No" firmly just gets me everytime

  12. After you promoted they could have blocked with knight and knight would be defended by their Queen so it would not work if they did that

  13. what if they go queen c8 to block the queen for the last move instead of d8

  14. 😂😂😂😂 love that intro always hilarious to dig into the virgin jokes

  15. hnn ,,night c8 can save you itsted of queen d8 😎

  16. black can play c8 because of knight

  17. He moved the bishop instead of the knight


  19. I swear to god that we said no at the same time 🤣🤣😂😂

  20. If black had an actual brain cell they would’ve played knight c8 at the end

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